Whitesburg KY
Mostly clear
Mostly clear


My dad and mom, P-nut and Jean, had to have their 36-foot tree they decorate every Christmas cut down recently. It really looks odd and we will miss seeing it with lights every year but the inside of it was dying and it had to go.

Laura Mae Adams of Blair Branch, has been in a hospital in Lexington, She had to have a stent put in. She is home now and doing better. I hope she feels better soon. She and all the family are going through a rough time because of the loss of her daughter, Missy, just a few weeks ago.

If anyone with family and friends buried in the Pearl Dixon Cemetery at Blackey would like to send donations for its upkeep, you can send them to Hurbert Eldridge, 89 Mushroom Drive, Blackey KY 41804, or you can call (606) 633-2444. With the gas prices so high now, all donations will be greatly appreciated.

Someone emailed me about when I send my news in. I have to have it in by Saturday for it to be in the following week. My email address is blackeynews@yahoo.com.

Sam and Wanda Howie came in over the weekend from Tennessee so all the family could have a dinner for Wanda’s mother, Mae Fugate of Carcassonne, for Mother’s Day.

My husband, Lee Roy, and I go riding on our mule about every weekend and this weekend I got to pick polk. I didn’t realize it was up and so high, but the smaller ones are better. I like at least one good mess a year. This year we didn’t find any dryland fish like we usually do. We like them the best.

While Lee Roy and I were out riding, we met up with my greatniece, Ava Abbinanti, fishing with her dad and mom, Craig and Jessica. She had her little Barbie fishing pole and caught five bluegill. The cutest part was when she told me she was taking them home and making fishsticks out of them. Ava will be five in August.

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