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Mostly sunny

Blairs have nice visit from grandchildren


Well, I’m trying to get caught up again. It seems I’m always running a week behind.

It’s a beautiful time of year here in the mountains with the redbuds and dogwoods blooming.

Roland and Carol Blair recently had their grandchildren visiting. It was during the kids’ spring break, and they enjoyed being together for a few days.

I hope that Dorothy Brown and her niece are getting over their recent car accident near their home on Doty.

Ila Adams is getting over her recent surgery on her shoulder. It was rough on her for the first few days, but she is better with it now and was able to attend Blair Branch Church on Sunday.

Our sympathy to the family of Louannie Combs, who died recently. We got to know her at Letcher Manor Nursing Home. She was originally from Knott County and Kyra Combs Whitaker of Blair Branch was one of her granddaughters.

Saturday before last I had Rose Ballard and Gary Eldridge stop by my shop for a quick visit. Bob and I enjoyed meeting them and they had been to Campbell’s Branch Community Center on Friday evening to attend the bluegrass music show.

They enjoyed listening to Highway 7 South band and others. I think Gary said he also played with them.

Rose’s sister, Loretta Church, was very sick and in the Pikeville Hospital. I’m sorry to report that Loretta died this past weekend. We also got to know Loretta from Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

Ronald, Susan, Rodney and Geraldine Ison all attended the wedding of Mike and Sharon Ison’s son, Ryan, to Sabrina, his fiancée. They said it was a beautiful wedding. I think it was at Owensboro.

While there, they went over to Brownstown, Ind., and visited Aaron and Edith Ison and Rodney and Aaron’s sister, Polly, also came over.

They saw lots of family while there, and Rod and Gerry made the trip pretty well.

This past weekend was the union meeting at Blair Branch Church, and we had a large crowd, well blessed preaching, and good food and fellowship afterwards. It was a good weekend.

Alice Adams is continuing to improve from her recent hip surgery and the blood clots that she had afterward. We were over there recently, as were Sandy and Larry Hall.

Her family is taking good care of her during this whole ordeal, and the Lord has blessed her to be as well as she is.

Mitchell Dale Caudill recently had a stroke, and hopefully is doing better. Eddie Spangler of Burton Hill also suffered a mini-stroke last week, but he is well now.

Aaron Blair had surgery and will be going to Vanderbilt Hospital for more tests and maybe treatments. I hope all goes well.

Belated birthday wishes to Hunter Banks, Sue Goodson, P.J. Smith and Ruth Combs, to name a few. Ruth was given a birthday party at her church, Jeremiah Missionary Baptist. Looking at the pictures, I think she had a great day.

I think I forgot more of what I should write than I remember. Sorry, that’s just the way I am lately.

While finishing up, I just learned that Homer Breeding of Isom had died. His funeral is to be held on Thursday, April 25, at Blair Branch Church. Our sympathy to his family.

Also hope that Hoover Halcomb is doing all right with his broken wrist that he got from a fall.

On Sunday, Jerry and Bonita Adams, Liberty and Noah Campbell and I all went for a walk at Carr Creek Lake. It’s such a pretty time of year with all the spring colors.

Recently, Roy Kenon and Billie Jean Smith were here from Ohio visiting the Pridemores and Smiths. Other family and friends stopped by Lee and Wilma’s to visit them too.

Wilma’s mother, Irene Dixon, felt well enough to come from Letcher Manor and spend the day at Wilma and Lee’s one day last week. They had dinner on the porch and were glad to be together another time.

Bob and I enjoyed chatting with ‘Buggy’ Adams and her daughter and son-inlaw, who are from Pikeville, recently, at Letcher Manor Nursing Home. Buggy always wants to know how I’m doing at my shop and if I have anything she’s looking for.

We ‘junk people’ all seem to have a kindred spirit and I love that. It doesn’t matter if you’re an older collector, middle-aged or a younger newcomer to ‘junk’ or antique business, it’s interesting to talk to others with the same notions and likes.

The Letcher Area Homemakers held their April meeting and did our seed and plant exchange and had a lesson on crocheted rag rugs. Some made plans to attend a luncheon at Camp Nathanael in a few days.

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