Whitesburg KY

Blairs to celebrate 51st wedding anniversary


Eric Back has been in the Pikeville Hospital for a few weeks now. His blood pressure keeps dropping. They did a full body scan on him because of the pain he is having, but they found nothing. Some of us went over Friday because he was not doing well. His blood pressure and his oxygen level keep going down. On Saturday, he was doing some better but was still in ICU. The family really appreciates David and Opal Jent of Carcassonne. They went over and visited with him and also check on him when he’s in the nursing home.

Happy anniversary to my mom and dad, P-nut and Jean Blair. It’s their 51st on July 15. Also, happy birthday to my dad. He will a young 73 on July 16. He always told us mom was his best birthday gift.

Happy birthday to Bruce Gilley Sr. of Doty Creek. He turned 76 on July 3. Family and friends had a get-together for him at one of the shelters at Carr Creek Lake on the Sunday before his birthday.

Lenore Dixon of Caudills Branch, has been having some health problems again. I wish her the best.

Happy birthday to Damian Miller of Elk Creek. It was on July 6.

My husband’s family had a cookout at the Four-Star Village at Red Star on July 1. Craig Frazier and his girlfriend, Natasha, and her son came in from Kansas City and stayed with his mother, Ann Frazier of Knott County. That night we had fireworks at my house and had a big crowd; we had a good time.

Happy birthday to Ethan Kisor of Elk Creek; he turned 17 on July 9. He is the son of Lisa Kisor and the grandson of Steve and Phyllis Adams.

A few weeks ago my dad, Pnut, and Jimmy Bates and Larry Collins went to Louisville so Jimmy could be sworn in as the state commander for the VFW.

My neighbors, Jon and Loretta Henrikson, have been gone for about two weeks to Philadelphia. They got to see Hillary Clinton and John Edwards make speeches.

Virgil, Freda and Katie Combs of Carcassonne, went to Florida recently. They visited with their daughter, Sara, and Clifford New.

Happy birthday to Lauren Leeann Adams of Jeremiah. She will be 2 on July 14. She is the daughter of Dusty “Dusto” Adams and Leslie Gibson. Dusty’s birthday was on the 9th.

Sue Jent and her sister, Denise Combs, both of Carcassonne, went recently to a Bible seminar in Michigan and also got to visit with their mother.

On July 4, Craig and Ava Abbinanti and Jessica Dixon of Carcassonne, and Janice Reed of Whitesburg, went to spend the night in Tennessee. They took Ava to the Knoxville Zoo and she had a great time.

Congratulations to Natasha and Johnathon Griffie of Elk Creek on the birth of their baby girl. Carmen Danielle was born on June 24. She weighed 7 pounds and 6 ounces and was 21 inches long.

Gary Fugate of Carcassonne, and Holly Bates of Blackey, went to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tenn.

Dorse, Brandie and Zachary Back went to Knoxville. Tenn., and saw Tony Joe White in concert. They took Zachary and his sister, Cassie, to Williamsburg to Kentucky Splash Water Park.

Vacation Bible school will be held at the Carcassonne Sunday School on Jent Mountain July 16 through July 19, from 10 a.m. till 12 p.m. for ages 3 through 16. It’s titled “Game Day.” On July 19, there will be commencement and singing by Bob and Faye Shuffler of Linefork, Michele Caudill of Carcassonne, and the Carcassonne Drama Team. If you need more information, you can call Sue Jent at (606) 633-3865.

Congratulations to Dusty Blair of Jeremiah. He fought in the X-treme fighting championship held in Hazard and won. He got a trophy; he is now 2-0.

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