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Blairs to celebrate 54th anniversary

Another day, another week. Hey y’all, hope it’s been a good week for all. We’ve been having a bit of rain now and then. No big storms, though there is some thunder once in a while.

The Engle-Sergent picnic is getting closer and closer and I still don’t have a set menu, I keep changing. We still don’t know how many of the family will make it. I sure would love for all to be together; it could be for the last time. We sure ain’t getting any younger.

We met at Golden Corral for our annual family breakfast. At least once a year Billy Wayne treats everyone. This year there were 25 present, mostly little ones. I have to say all were very well behaved.

Before I forget, I’ve got several birthday greetings: Wanda Norwood in Tennessee and Ava Blair in Ohio on August 1; Melissa Sergent Taylor in Kentucky on August 5; Colleen Craft in Indiana on August 7; Red Engle in Ohio and Anna Goins in Kentucky on August 10; Ricky Sergent in Ohio on August 11; Marcia Hall in Kentucky on August 14; Edna Grimes in Tennessee on August 10; Darla Engle Rea in Tennessee on August 21; Sarah Belle Sergent in Ohio on August 24; Mishael Segovia in California on August 25; and Ben Provoznic in Ohio on August 29. Happy birthday to all, have a fabulous day. Hope you get lots of presents and don’t pig out on cake and ice cream – save some for me.

Northeast Ohio

Congratulations to Don and Ava Blair on their 54th anniversary which they celebrate on August 17. Love and prayers and wishes for many, many more happy years together.

Today hasn’t been one of my better days. I have misplaced my driver’s license. I went to get one to drive on until I renew mine, and took my Social Security card and a couple more forms of identification. They told me I needed my birth certificate so I rushed home and got it. They wouldn’t accept it even though it’s the one I’ve had all my life and always used when necessary. They said it wasn’t certified. I had to call Louisville to have them send me a new one. Not only am I grounded, but I ain’t certified. Poor me! I really would suggest to all to check your birth certificate. If perchance you should ever need it for any reason and it’s an old one, get certified. They said this has been mandated only since 9-11

I want to say hello to Henry Bentley Jr. in Georgia. I will write soon. I have a picture you would probably like to have and will send it. Also, a big howdy to Kernel (Buddy) and Doria King in Davenport, Iowa.

Well, Saturday was the final day for Engle’s Discount. I really think Catharine has mixed emotions about this. On the one hand, no more worrying about having enough merchandise, no big bills, and the seesawing sales, one month up and the next down. On the plus side she can pick and choose what she wants to do. I’m not sure just what she has in mind but I’m pretty sure it isn’t in retail. It’s really kinda sad.

Henry Warren called. He said he and his family were all well. I’m looking forward to seeing him at the picnic. Hope he brings some of the family with him. I’m hoping Melissa and her boys can make it. The only time the boys have seen or met family has been at funerals.

I finally got some letters in the mail. I had planned to write more today but circumstances prevented. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Hello to Nathan Isaacs and I do hope he is doing well. I think he’s about 98 years young. He’s still very alert but is now confined to a wheelchair. My best to him and to all his family, especially Shelby and Bonnie. The girls I know but not his son, James. Good people!

Hey to Hillary Brashears (niece, Kim Goins Brashears’s daughter). I saw your picture in The Mountain Eagle. Congratulations to you and all the girls on your team, continued good luck. Bet Anna is one proud Mamaw.

Enough for now, so until next time, love, prayers and best wishes to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain Ohio 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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