Whitesburg KY
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Blue and white outfits honor Cats


We encourage you to come out and visit us if you are a senior citizen. We do lots of fun things and visit each day with our friends.

Valentine’s Day we had our regular potluck, and we had a Valentine party all together. We had live music, and we selected a Queen and King. Annabelle Wright was chosen as Queen, and Lonzo Collins, our King. Congratulations to the two of them. Our next potluck will be Thursday, March 17.

We play Bingo on Fridays and Rook every day, work puzzles, and some just love to visit with each other.

We dressed last Friday in blue and white in honor of the Cats. Go, Cats!

We are looking forward to the senior games that will be coming up soon. I hope our sick will be back with us soon.

We are looking forward to our visitors from Texas this week.

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