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Blue Angels took name from a bar

Did you ever see the Blue Angels when you were younger? There’s something about their fantastic flight demonstration show that can make a kid out of any of us – again.

I had the opportunity to see the Blue Angels again recently. Even at my age, and knowing the maneuvers were going to be perfectly executed, I held my breath during the Opposing Solos, when two F/A-18 Hornets approach each other on what appears to be a collision course, passing belly to belly with only inches to spare.

My personal favorite, though, in spite of the carefully choreographed maneuvers of the Hornets, is the awe-inspiring Fat Albert, a hefty Lockheed-Martin C-130T Hercules. Fat Albert is deceptively agile. With solid-fuel rockets attached to the back, Fat Albert can be 1,000 feet off the ground in 15 seconds.

Here are a few Blue Angels tidbits:

• Did you know they were named after a bar? They were called the “Navy Flight Exhibition Team” until a team member made a trip to New York and saw a magazine ad for a nightclub called Blue Angel.

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