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Blue lights save lives on the highway

Have you been out on the highway when an oncoming vehicle flashes its lights as a warning of trouble up ahead? When a driver does this, more often than not the trouble ahead is a roadblock or a trooper using his radar.

I will signal other drivers if I see danger, but I will not signal if I see law enforcement personnel. If someone violates the law, they should be caught. If I violated the law, I would expect to pay the consequences. Besides, if I don’t warn drivers of any law enforcement action, I may save someone’s life, whether a driver or an innocent one.

Some drivers probably wish there were no blue lights out there on the highway. If there were no blue lights, there would no doubt be a lot more red and amber lights.

I have been driving 47 years and have never been in a serious accident. I couldn’t have survived without the help of the blue lights, especially the troopers. Some people look upon the troopers as monsters with no feelings or emotions. They are not monsters and they do have feelings. They also have their own emotions, which they have to deal with in their own way. They are trained to do their job, which is to serve and protect the public. They are not heartless monsters, but they are not going to stand and let you do them harm, either. They might not show it, but they all know what the word fear means because they have all experienced it.

Even a lazy and worthless dog will try to bite you if it senses fear coming from you. So far I haven’t met a dog I feared, but who knows what lies ahead?

I have always heard that an old mule would work six days just to get to kick your brains out on the seventh day if he sensed that you were afraid of him. I only tried to plow with a mule one time. I honestly believe I sweat more than that old mule did. but I have worked them in the log woods without any problems.

In the late ’50s during a miners’ strike, my brother and I found quite a bit of dynamite hidden. We got hold of the right people and shortly thereafter two mean-looking troopers came to see us. We showed them where the dynamite was hidden so they could take it away. They put it in the trunk of the cruiser and let us ride back down the road with them. We felt like we were someone special – we were riding in a police cruiser and we weren’t being taken to jail. I have been in cruisers since that time but never as a prisoner, and I intend to keep it that way.

Anyway, as we went down the road, each time the driver hit a bump in the road the other one would say, “Hey, take it easy. If that stuff goes off, the only thing they will find of us is our belt buckles embedded in a sycamore tree.”

These tough-looking troopers were scared out of their wits of that dynamite. Until then we hadn’t been scared of the monster in the trunk of the cruiser. If it went off, what – if anything – would they find of us towheads? They might not find anything of us to bury. They sure as shootin’ wouldn’t find a belt buckle because we wore bib overalls. Of course they might find a buckle off of our galouses. We didn’t even own a Barlow knife to leave behind. Since we always went barefoot all summer, year after year, the toughest parts of us were the soles of our bare feet. Tough as the south end of a bull going north.

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