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Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

Oh that seems so good to say as in one more month spring is on its way! I don’t know about everyone else, but I am looking forward to it. Then I can once more hear people saying, oh it is so hot!

I really don’t love the cold weather and I know that hot weather is hard on some people, still I wouldn’t change our climate for one that is warm all year round.

I forgot two birthdays. Belated happy birthday to my sister-in-law Wanda Hall February 5. I know this is going to not really be a happy one, however I hope you can just have good memories.

Happy birthday to Gary Eldridge February 9, Gary is the mandolin player for a favorite band of mine, RR2 of Rising Sun, Ind.

Gary is one of the most knowledgeable people that I have ever met as he is into genealogy, knows more of history. Gary is like a walking encyclopedia, mention a word or subject and the wheels start turning, he will answer questions.

I took a trip to Nashville, Tenn., to be a part of SPIGMA, which is a high recognition for lots of awards for bluegrass artists such as the leading female singer Rhonda Vincent, who was actually jamming in the front as my friends and I walked into the foyer of Sheraton Music City Hotel.

It was so packed I didn’t even attempt to get a peek.

I was there last year and rambled the hallways, actually meeting another musician who has become like a family member to me, Tony Hale, who plays in the band Special Delivery and has a band of his on Bluegrass Favorites.

This year it was so crowded and I didn’t look in the right places as I completely missed Tony and Bubba Griffith and several others.

My granddaughter Jodi Gray threw me a surprise as she knew I wanted to make this trip to Nashville, and it really was an opportune time to go. At the spur of the moment Jodi made hotel reservations for me at Marriott Courtyard in the heart of Nashville, even paid for breakfast as this was extra, even paid parking.

Marriott Courtyard was just a block from the Ryman so we walked there, plus I got to see the tomb of President Polk and later Andrew Jackson, as the tour continued to Hermitage, Tenn. Needless to say I experienced things of history that I had actually forgotten about.

While doing the tour of the Andrew Jackson’s museum or whatever it is called, we were given a small headphone and a little box for audio. I had never had such a piece of technology in my possession, and you are talking of someone who doesn’t know how to program a VCR.

I was too embarrassed to say, wait a minute explain this to me!

I found out real fast on my own as you started out pressing 100 for the first details, and as you reached another number all you had to do was press it for more updates.

The furniture was absolutely wonderful to see, the wallpaper was the original. It is almost hard to comprehend how after all these years it would still be in such good condition.

My main reason was to go to listen to music, however this was a trip I will long remember as I got to participate in music and touch of our history that I never would have experienced and may never get to do again!

I wish I could say happiness continued when I got home. As soon as I turned on my computer I saw the sad news of my uncle Charles Barton dying Sunday morning. As soon as I checked my answering machine, a message from my brother Jerry told me the same thing.

There’s no way possible I can possible go home for this. I am really glad that I did see Uncle Charles last October while I was visiting my sister Loretta at Letcher Manor.

Charles wanted so bad to go to Blackey Days. He had no way to go, but because I knew I couldn’t fit his scooter that he used in my car, I didn’t even offer.

I wasn’t able to take my brother Jerry Hall as he isn’t able to walk, and once again my car isn’t big enough to handle a wheelchair.

Charles was like a big brother to me while growing up when I would visit his mother Betty Barton, who is my grandma. Charles gave me my first horseback ride. He had a horse called Old Dan.

Charles would take Old Dan out to the river someplace in Woodrock and let Old Dan drink. Since I rode bareback and had nothing to hang onto, yep you got the picture, I slid right into the water.

When I think back to earlier times of childhood, how I survived I have no idea. I was a daredevil to be a girl. There were times I would stay so long at my grandmother’s, who I called Mom, I would run out of clothes so I would put on a pair of Charles’s pants, find a shoestring and tie them so I could wear them and a tee-shirt of his till Mom could wash my clothes and hang them on the line to dry.

You have heard the phrase take your shirt off your back, you might say I have been guilty not only taking his shirt but his pants also .

My Uncle Boyd spent a few years in the Army so I missed some of my growingup years under him, then Mommy’s brother Ted Adams moved to Indiana so Charles was stuck with me underfoot.

Les and Pat Wagner made it to the mountains of eastern Kentucky and back safely.

Hello to all the Wagner family, and extended family. Thanks to everyone for reading my column, and really know I mean it when I say my heart aches for everyone who experience sadness with health or death of a loved one.

Sometimes I wish I could turn a lever and sing the song that I love so much by Lester Flatt saying I don’t care anymore, however that will never be used in reference to me as so many of you know.

Gwen Huff Farmer, I hope you aren’t frozen up yet as we experienced a new blast of winter and I think it was your way also.

While in Nashville over the weekend I didn’t get in touch with my sweet friend Shirley Wells as somehow I left my cell phone with her number programmed in. I used to carry her number in my purse. Over a time period I lost it in changing purses.

I know there are at least half a dozen things I want to say and I am running out of time. As usual I am running behind.

Please don’t forget the benefit for Beverly Adams February 9 at Campbell’s Branch Community Center. I have misplaced my checkbook somewhere in this house and can’t even send a little money to help. I don’t have a list of bands, I do know there will be plenty of music and food. If anyone can help with this to make it a success, please do.

Sorry I don’t have an update on Johnny and Ann Calihan as I haven’t taken the time to call.

Polly Maucher, I miss our phone chats. I hope everything is alright with you and your family.

So until next time! Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone 513- 367-4682

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