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Bluegrass festival coming to Kingscreek

Hello again!

Brr! I hope you haven’t changed your wardrobe to summer clothes as it sure is cold in the Ohio Valley area.

It was supposed to frost and I have one particular plant that Ricky Caudill was kind enough to share with me, a gourd vine that is doing really good. I think the plants that his sister Marcia Caudill and my daughter Kay Gray gave me are protected by the garage, at least I hope they are.

My irises are so beautiful. I wish I could share them for everyone to see. My peonies are just beginning to bud, that is, if the frost doesn’t get them. I may get a sheet and try to drape over them.

About four years ago someone gave me a start of a wisteria vine, it must have four dozen blooms just coming on it. My poppies were gorgeous. I am moving them as quickly as I can as I had a garden snake or whatever they are called right next to my porch in the poppies.

I hate snakes of any kind. I don’t even like to see them in posted on the computer.

Please mark your calendar for a bluegrass festival coming to the mountains at Kingscreek Park, July 15 and 16. I don’t have all the bands, except I know that Sunrise Ridge, Will Caudill & Route 7, and Dean Osborne. I’m sure there will be flyers out.

I hope there’s a good crowd to support this event. I wish I lived back there to help.

If only my brother Jerry Hall was alive he would be calling me saying, “Sissy, will you come home so we can go?”

Southern Ohio

I talked to Bill Meade for a few minutes about the festival, and he didn’t know about it. He brought tears to my eyes when he said he knew how much I love bluegrass music.

I’ve seen the times that I think I lived for music. It is the best therapy that I’ve ever found.

After I had my heart surgery, I was back dancing one month later. I didn’t have to take cardiac rehab as the cardiologist said to keep up dancing and walking.

I am afraid to make plans as I never know how my health will be.

After a month of doing fairly well, I am back to feeling very nauseous and not being able to keep yogurt or anything down. I’ve lost another two pounds.

Once again I will say please be thankful you can sit down and enjoy a good meal or a bite of anything. Honestly, if I could just eat, I wouldn’t care if I was so fat I had to roll around. Well, that is really not exactly the truth.

I got so hungry I finally ate a grilled cheese, knowing I couldn’t have it, and I have been sick for three days.

Not only that, I ate a few bites of watermelon. Oh, yes I have paid dearly.

I still consider myself lucky as there are people who are on feeding tubes, and I know down the line that will probably be me.

I try to live as normal life as I can, I did mow the grass then got caught in the rain, and I looked like a drowned rat.

Les and Pat Wagner finally spent a few days at their place down in the mountains I call home. I’m sure John and James Ison were really pleased about that. Maybe one of these days I will get up with these two great guys when I get back home.

Belated happy birthday to Johnny Calihan on May 15. Johnny and Ann never change, and they are such great people. I really am lucky to have them in my life after all the years they’ve known my family including my great-grandparents.

Life has come in a full circle for me in so many ways.

Johnny and Ann’s daughter Sue Wagner came in for a visit, and everyone was kept busy while she was in. I’m sure a great time was had by all.

Polly Maucher, I hope you are doing alright as I never hear from you or those brothers of yours, Frick and Frack.

The same with the Whitaker family, it has been a very long time since I’ve heard anything from them.

Doyle and Betty Ison are getting along fairly well.

My daughter Kay spent two months in Florida during the bad weather of winter. She spent a week in Cancun so she got out of the rainy weather, but she got home Sunday evening to the cold.

Kay can travel all she wants. I will just stay home as I am not flying anywhere.

Saturday, May 21, there is a square dance at Carcassonne Community Center. Each time I think of square dancing, my thoughts travel back in time of listening to Mommy talk about how many times she and others walked across the mountain of Big Branch to Paces Branch to go to a square dance at Lloyd and Nora Calihan’s.

I have a picture of Mom and Ira Calihan, long before Mom ever met Dad. Ira is in his uniform and they are standing in Nora Calihan’s yard. Jr. Calihan sent it to me several years ago.

Mom passed the love of music and dancing to me. Jerry loved music but he never got into dancing.

I am not feeling up to par as usual.

Until next time.

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