Whitesburg KY

Bluegrass festival planned at Kingscreek

Hello everyone!

Once again I will say summer is in full swing in the Harrison, Ohio Valley area. I finally got my window air in, just in the nick of time. I keep a blanket handy as I really don’t like air conditioning, but it is too much without something.

The fan suited me fine, except if I went someplace I shut the fan off as I won’t leave it going when I’m not home.

I am very sick again, and just trying to keep from going back to the ER or the hospital. I know I am heading that way before long. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy what has taken over my life. I still can’t understand how you can go in for surgery for one thing, and come out with something twice as bad as you went in.

Southern Ohio

I’ve had a year of my life stolen from me through no fault of mine.

Friday night, Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers made an appearance at the Coffee Peddler, a coffee shop not five minutes from my house. I had made plans to go for quite some time, but I was so ill there was no way I could make it.

I haven’t been able to go anywhere since Mother’s Day weekend. I was very sick then.

Please everyone support the bluegrass festival at Kingscreek Community Park on July 15 and 16. There are several great bands going to be at this event.

I looked at the flyer, but I didn’t see the time that it starts. I hope to have that before my next column is due.

I am not going to make any plans as I probably won’t be able to make it. I am afraid to drive that far as weak as I am, and I don’t know anyone who would sit for two days listening to bluegrass music like I do.

My daughter Angie Wiederhold said something about riding with me. I laughed at that suggestion as Angie doesn’t like bluegrass music, and there’s nothing that would interest her while I was at the festival.

She doesn’t know anyone down home, nor does she know her way around to go anywhere. I appreciate her offer, though it wouldn’t work.

My sincere sympathy goes to the family of Ralph Stanley. Ralph Stanley will live on with his music. I had the pleasure of meeting Ralph and Ralph II several years ago.

Two years ago I spent a weekend at the Hills of Home Festival. Ralph tried so hard to keep up a good appearance when he greeted his fans. I said a quick hello and didn’t try to carry on a conversation.

If my brother Jerry Hall were alive, he would be heartbroken to hear this news. I am so thankful that Ralph Stanley always took the time to talk with Jerry, wherever he was.

Several years ago we took Jerry to a bluegrass festival close to Dayton, and Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys were there. Jerry sat with Ralph for quite some time, plus they even got on the bus.

From what I understand Ralph used to eat at the old Sugar Shack in Whitesburg quite often, and also at Wendy’s.

I could never understand why Ricky Skaggs had to have a bodyguard so you couldn’t get close to him.

Les and Pat Wagner did spend time in the mountains with Becky and Polly Hasty and Little Rebecca, and also Becky’s son Billy was with them.

This past weekend was a busy time on Johnson Fork at Hot Spot as this time of year there’s an annual June meeting of all the families. It starts on Friday evening and ends on Sunday, and families travel far and near for this event. They have food to spare at different places, church at the cemetery, and dinner on the ground.

Ricky Caudill really enjoyed being with family. I think he was ready for a nap by the end of everything. Mike and Marcia Caudill took Ricky a delicious cake for his birthday.

Betty Kelly would have liked to attend this event as she hasn’t been able to go for quite a few years.

Anna Belle Wright, I haven’t heard anything about you for some time. I hope you are doing all right.

Oma Hatton, I miss your column. I hope you recover soon.

Well. I see the time says to get this done, so until next time.

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