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Bluegrass festivals are in full swing

Hello everyone!

My wisteria vine has at least 30 blooms. It is so beautiful and the smell comes drifting up to the front porch, and my iris is so pretty.

I had to apologize to my son Keith Ballard since I was very upset at him for digging up the iris in cold weather. Keith transplanted them on both sides of the fence, not knowing which color was what. It is amazing that so far they look like he planted the colors together.

Keith has worked continuously redoing the deck in the back of the house. I wish I had taken before and after pictures as it has taken on a completely new appearance.

Southern Ohio

I am beginning to almost hate the location of my house. Since a canoe rental business bought the house up the road, traffic is tremendous. There’s a straight stretch in front of my house and it is like living on racetrack.

One afternoon when Keith was gone, I decided to go out back for a little quiet. Right, there’s a shooting range at the VFW Post close to me, which is rarely used except on Sundays, and so help me there was so much noise.

Richard Caudill had better build a higher fence and put up barbed wire. To heck with that, I can squeeze in between that. The only protection he will have is the kind of wire that looks like thin razorblades.

Oh I forgot he may have a gun. I hear he rarely misses a target. I do know he doesn’t like to kill squirrels any more, so maybe he will feel sorry for a poor old woman.

Now you’ve had your laugh for today, I hope everyone had a safe Memorial Weekend. Notice I didn’t say happy as this is one holiday to me that is never a joyful occasion.

I must say this year it has hit me the hardest of all. Then I remember the reason there’s a Memorial Day to begin with, and all the parents that go to the cemetery and place flowers. These are my siblings not my children, though I have been a mother to them.

Another thing is how someone can lose a partner that has shared their lives for many years, and are out hunting like alley cats or stray dogs for someone to fill their place.

I must be living back in the dark ages because there are really not much morals left in today’s society.

The respect for the men and women who gave their lives for this country, for our freedom, has gone by the wayside not to mention our beloved flag that stands for freedom.

When people can burn the flag they spit in our veterans’ faces. Defend what our veterans have fought for or get the heck out. Now on to more pleasant things.

Les and Pat Wagner are doing all right. Everyone needs an extended family like I have found when I met these two wonderful people, along with the Hasty family and everyone that I have met.

Les picked out my birthday card this year. The thing about that is it had Les written all over it and he never signed his name anywhere.

James and John Ison cut Les off from Diet Coke when he comes to the mountains, and please don’t give him any Mountain Dew or white lightning.

This was the weekend for Ralph Stanley’s festival, but due to health reasons I decided not to go. It probably is a good thing I stayed home for more reasons than one.

Mattie was very prominent in helping run the pool hall for many years for Logan Collins.

Bluegrass festivals are in full swing, and Thursday Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers were on the schedule at Am Vets Post at Hillsboro.

Saturday was such a beautiful day. Tony Hale & Black Water Band were there, and once again my heart wanted to go but my body said stay home.

Black Water Band is appearing at Hunter’s Pizzeria. I am supposed to meet Les and Pat Wagner. I will have to see what the day brings.

Doyle and Betty Ison fi- nally broke out of where they have been held captive by illness for quite some time. They took a delightful drive and enjoyed a delicious meal at Applebee’s, I think, around Bloomington, Ind.

On the way back home they stopped at Dairy Queen, and of all things Dairy Queen was having a celebration and was giving free cones. What better way to end the day?

Doyle and Betty used to take trips to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, but this hasn’t been possible for the last four years.

Again I am so grateful to call these two friends with family added to it.

Johnny and Calihan are getting along very well. Ann hasn’t tried to take a nap in a few weeks on the concrete. Ann was very lucky she wasn’t hurt worse, and is still mending from her last fall.

Add this family to my list of extended family too.

Mart and Sue Hall, I will be home before too long. We’ve got some catching up to do.

Sue has teased me for the past month that I am 70 as I will be official 70 when The Mountain Eagle comes out May 27.

May 26 would have been my brother Richie Hall’s birthday.

There’s a site on the computer that I enjoy sometimes, with a dozen or more remedies. One was having the kid pee on a cotton ball and squeeze into the ear.

One woman wrote that was nasty and not to do that, so I had to add my two cents’ worth as Mom let me pee in a jar, added a drop or two of my fresh urine in my ear and it did relieve the pain.

Then several others came to my rescue as they had heard of this very thing. One said urine was as sanitary since it is passed through your kidneys, etc.

I asked the question had anyone ever heard of someone sewing up a cut at home with needle and thread because there were no doctors, pharmacies and ER to run to, when all the painkiller or something used to kill germs was a little whiskey poured on the wound, and I am sure a slug or two was downed also, maybe by the injured and the one doing the stitching.

I have so much to do. Once I was able to run like a filly, now I move like a turtle, or an old gray mare.

Until next time, roseballard3@aol.com.

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