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Bluegrass music brightens mood

Happy spring everyone!

It is so hard to believe that March is halfway gone already! I must say I will be glad when it gets June and warmer temperatures are here, although the past couple of days have been beautiful.

Thursday morning the newscasters were saying how warm it was going to be. When I got to my car it was frozen over as I live close to the river and there was fog hanging low, so the warmth was somewhere else rather than at my house.

I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick’s Day, and I bet a few got pinched if they were like me, forgetting to wear something green.

I did muster up enough energy to go to my favorite hangout, the Coon Hunter’s Club. The real name is Butler County Coon Hunter’s Association, 200 Warwick Rd., Hamilton, Ohio. When you get into Hamilton you may want to ask for directions. I take B Street, which gets me there. It is a few miles on the outskirts of Hamilton on a country road that reminds me so much of the roads of eastern Kentucky.

On March 11, a special young man whom I sometimes refer to as my future husband, Ben ‘Cornbread’, celebrated his 16th birthday. Ben is the son of Lavonne Brooks and the grandson of Thelma Halcomb Brooks, formerly of Linefork. Thelma has made Hamilton her home for many years. Southern Ohio

Thelma and Lavonne treated everyone to cupcakes to celebrate Ben’s birthday. Ben is planning on going into the Navy when he is out of school so I understand he will be doing some classes until then with the Navy! Ben is also taking clawhammer lessons from Bob Jackson.

At first I wasn’t in much of a mood for music as there’s been a lot of sadness lately at the club because there have been several deaths. Then a group of musicians came on stage and somehow my mood got a lot better as John Muncy brought his group on stage. John is a very good singer and guitar player, Jim Peterson does a great job on the banjo, J.J. Arnold plays a small bass but he keeps this band in line with his solid playing, Wayne Hall picks the heck out of that mandolin, and none other than my favorite fiddle player, Marvin Davis, performed with John’s group and another group also. Now folks, you couldn’t ask for any better way to perk up anyone’s mood. My friend Becky Tipton and I danced a few times.

I am still experiencing shortness of breath and it gets rather difficult at times, so sometimes I just hold my breath for a little bit!

I hope sometime in the future I can talk Polly Maucher into going with me as I know she will enjoy the music.

I haven’t heard anything about Frick and Frack so I assume they are behaving.

Happy birthday to a couple of Polly’s nephews, actually belated happy birthday to Kevin Ison, who had a birthday March 14, and happy birthday to Jimbo Ison on March 23.

Happy birthday to my daughter Angie Wiederhold on March 23, Angie is my little sidekick Bennie Wierderhold’s mother. I stopped by Angie’s to spend some time with Bennie. Of course he had to head for McDonald’s. Bennie doesn’t eat the food except a few bites of the chicken, however he wants the toys.

Bennie is growing like a weed but still not gaining much weight. I will be glad when it is warm enough to take him outside so he can run some energy off.

I talked to my daughter Anna Nottingham. Baby Kyle is doing great. Once again I am a neglectful grandmother as I haven’t been there since he got out of the hospital.

Gwen Huff Farmer has been busy getting her yard cleaned up from the winter. She is ready to start working in her garden.

Shirley Wells is like me as she hasn’t got anyplace to have a garden anymore. Happy birthday to Shirley’s daughter Alice on March 29, who shares a birthday with my son Keith.

Hello to Linda Whitaker Day. I hope you are feeling a little better, and a special hello to Linda’s sister “Sis” and her family in Michigan.

Johnny and Ann Calihan along with Polly Maucher and several others attended the funeral of a sister to Coolie Jr. Calihan and several others. This was during the time I had to be at my daughter’s house to take care of my grandchildren.

The Calihan and Ison family is a close-knit family. I really envy that.

I did talk to Betty Ison for a little while. Betty and Doyle are doing alright. As quick as it gets a little warmer I am heading their way to enjoy the view from their deck I love so much.

The Ohio River is finally going down. The water on the road down from our house was over the road and the Whitewater River, which is close, was looking sort of wicked.

Well it is time for me to get on my way as always I am running behind.

Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, telephone 513-367-4682, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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