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Bluegrass music fills Ohio weekend

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone!

Once again I hope everything is fine in your little part of this big world.

Summer is fast coming to an end. As I am writing this the weather forecast is in the 90s this week. All I have to say is bring it on! This seems like the shortest summer that I can remember. In fact, this whole year has gone so fast it is so hard to believe. Time is something we have no control over.

Being confined for a few days has once again made me realize how fortunate I am to be able to do the things that I do.

There’s a question that has bothered me for some time. If scientists can develop cures for all kinds of things, why can’t they find a pill for a broken heart? I am not referring to heart trouble that needs bypass, stents, etc., I mean the kind that hurts you so deep that nothing you do nor anyone can say can ease it! I am sure there are lots of others who know this feeling!

I don’t drink so I tried to drown my sorrow by hitting every place to listen to music, and even dance a few times.

Friday evening, Alphine Stacy, Bernice and I met at Coon Hunters in Hamilton, and this time there was plenty of good music. It is always a pleasure seeing Henry and Denise Taylor there. Denise is so lucky that Henry is able to go with her. I am lucky she shares her dad with me.

Saturday, Tony Hale & Black Water Bluegrass Band was scheduled at Hunter’s Pizzeria. I felt rather bad and decided I wasn’t going anywhere. Alphine didn’t want to go, Les and Pat Wagner weren’t feeling their best, then all of a sudden my brains went to my feet, and my feet took over again.

Alphine called at the last minute to say she would go with me, and just as I was getting in my car Pat called to say Les was feeling some better so they were meeting Larry and Becky Hasty along with their son Billy and his wife and daughter Polly Hasty.

Billy and his wife are hosting a foreign exchange student from Germany in their home for a year.

After Hunter’s ended, Alphine and I decided to go join some of her friends at a place I had never been before. Just as soon as I sat down I heard someone say, “Rose, is that you?” I also heard, “What is she doing here; she likes bluegrass?”

Donnie Banks is originally from Cowan, and it was his band playing along with a couple of other musicians I know. They were surprised that I came in and I was just as surprised at who was playing in the band.

I met Donnie several years ago when someone told me he was from Whitesburg, and he lived next door to the Colleen Addington, a teacher at Kingdom Come High school, with whom I stayed with I was a freshman though Donnie and I don’t remember seeing each other.

Sunday, I drove to Fairborn, and Danny Davis and Friends did an awesome show. Dave Evans’s son picked guitar for Danny, and I will say he is a very good singer.

I think someone better hide my car from me, or take my shoes. Oh what am I saying, I would just go barefoot. Cold weather will be here before long and I will be staying home.

Austin and Mildred Rogers, I hope this finds you two doing alright.

As usual another week has gone by and I haven’t been in touch with Johnny and Ann Calihan.

I did talk to Gwen Huff Farmer for just a few minutes, Gwen is doing a little better.

Doyle and Betty Ison are still perking along. Doyle is going to fix me a little room right next to their house so I can hibernate like an old mama bear for the winter.

Bessie Shepherd, it was good to talk to you.

I don’t have a paper shredder so I burn certain papers, since hospitals will put your Social Security number, etc., on a statement. While I was burning the papers, a flame jumped up and sort of singed my right arm for just a second. It brought memories so plainly of Mommy and Grandma Rosa Hall killing a fresh chicken.

After dunking it in scalding water, then plucking the feathers, Mom would like a piece of poke (a brown paper bag) and singe the tiny feathers off the neck and wings area.

Mommy always killed the chickens by wringing the neck. One time she caught a chicken and wrung its neck and turned around. the chicken jumped up and started staggering off. I guess it wasn’t ready to be put in a pot. I can still remember laughing.

My daughter Angie Wiederhold just put in an order for some of my chicken and dumplings, which means I’d better fix two pots as my son-in-law Scott Nottingham will get bent out of shape if I fix dumplings and he doesn’t get any.

I think I will start a restaurant called Mom’s Kitchen.

Don’t forget Sept. 1, the Legion in Milan, Ind., will put on a great bluegrass show with RR2, Joe Mullins & Radio Ramblers, Wildwood Valley Boys, and Grascals.

RR2 features none other that Gary Eldridge, who has a million and one relatives.

RR2 has a new CD. For those of you who don’t have it, if you enjoy music, this is a very good CD. ‘Distant Town’ is written by Gary Eldridge.

Since I finally got my CD player working in my car, I have about worn out RR2 CD & Sunrise Ridge. When I play Sunrise Ridge I really have to watch my speed as I get carried away with Jack Adams playing the claw hammer.

Sept. 28 is the Letcher County/Kentucky Picnic at the Harrison Community Center, 300 George St, Harrison, from 12 to 6 at the big shelter behind the center. Please bring a covered dish and beverages. If you play music, please bring your instruments.

Anne Jones, let’s see if you can’t find your way to Harrison for the Letcher County Picnic.

As you can tell I am struggling once again. So until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com telephone 513-367-4682.

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