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Board members praise Supt. Craft

The Letcher County Board of Education touted Supt. Anna Craft for her “outstanding” leadership skills during the board’s open evaluation of her at Monday night’s board meeting.

“We are very proud of our superintendent and the job she is doing,” said Will Smith, board chairman. “… We are very proud of our superintendent. I am very proud of our board. We work in harmony together.”

After spending more than an hour in executive session, Smith said no action was taken while in the closed meeting. He said the board wanted to comply with state law and evaluate Craft in an open forum.

The evaluation is based on 10 standards, with a scale ranging from unacceptable to outstanding. Excellent is the next best to outstanding.

Smith rated Craft with the highest ranking of outstanding on the standard of leadership and district culture.

“I just think she has been great there and I think she deserves an outstanding,” said Smith.

Board Member Mike Harris gave Craft an outstanding rating for the policy and governance standard.

“When you look at envisioning a policy that is going to be conducive to expanding education and learning for our children, I think Supt. Craft does an excellent job of that,” said Harris.

Board Member Dr. Sam Quillen Jr. said Craft has done an excellent job in communications and community relations.

“I think that a large part of our success and especially the tough job of consolidation was handled superbly by Supt. Craft in getting the community involved and getting the perceptions straightened out of why we were doing what we were doing and how it was going to better our students,” said Quillen.

Board Member John Spicer rated Craft as outstanding in organizational management.

“If you surround yourself with good people then things are going to happen in a good way,” said Spicer. “You can watch the flow of the way things have taken place since Supt. Craft has become superintendent. She has been able to put a good organization together from all the department heads.”

Smith said Craft has done an excellent job in curriculum planning and development.

“This is something that is important and dear to her heart,” said Smith. “She has had good folks involved. This is something that she can’t have fulltime hands on. She’s got too many duties. She knows who to put in place to get the job done and she has done that with curriculum.”

Harris rated Craft as excellent in instructional leadership.

“We’ve got 10 people at a principal leadership conference and that speaks for what we are talking about,” said Harris.

Craft was given a mark of outstanding in the area of human resources and management.

Quillen said Craft has done an outstanding job in developing and implementing staff performances and how staff is evaluated.

Spicer said Craft has done an excellent job in the area of values and ethics of leadership.

Smith rated Craft outstanding in student achievement and learning.

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