Whitesburg KY

Board postpones ‘closed’ meeting

Letcher County Board of Education Chairman Robert Kiser said he does not know when or if the school board will reschedule a closed-door meeting to discuss proposed budget cuts and personnel matters.

On April 22, the board announced it would conduct a private “work session” on April 29 to talk about proposed cuts — some of them controversial — to the district’s operating budget and various personnel issues before addressing them again during a separate meeting that would be open to the public.

The work session was called by Chairman Kiser after Board Member Will Smith suggested the idea of holding the work session with Brian Johnson and Roger Martin of the school district’s finance department and Kenny Cornett, district director of pupil personnel. Kiser said he intended to use the session to look over the district’s budget “line item by line item.”

Contacted by telephone on Tuesday afternoon, Kiser said he wasn’t sure whether the meeting would be rescheduled, and that he was still discussing the matter with other board members.

Asked why the special meeting wasn’t held as scheduled on Monday, Kiser said “there was some issues that came up.”

In a letter mailed last week to Kiser, The Mountain Eagle asked that the work session be open to the public as the newspaper believes is required under Kentucky’s Open Meetings Laws, which do not permit budget discussions and general personnel matters to be held in private.

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