Whitesburg KY

Board still down

Instant replay, local advertisements and fans in the stands were not shown on the large video screen at Letcher County Central High School’s football field during Friday night’s game.

Lightning recently struck one of two computers used to operate the JumboTron-style screen before the opening football game on August 23. The eight-year-old computer’s hard drive, which contained software to play ads and instant replays, was also fried, said Randy Bailey, district technology director. The device that sends out the signal to the video screen won’t turn on and it hasn’t been determined what type of signal the video screen requires.

The third party company which made the video screen and electronic system went out of business a few years ago.

The estimated cost of a new video screen is about $80,000 plus shipping and installation fees. A new electronic system is about $5,000.

The video screen was purchased in 2005 with a $150,000 donation from Pine Mountain Lumber.

The electronic scoreboard located below the video screen is still operational.

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