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The hot seat for Joker?



An analysis last week said winning the Governor’s Cup was more important to UK Coach Joker Phillips than Louisville Coach Charlie Strong.

Clear grasp of the obvious.

So, this week, among bumps in the night to be heard across the Bluegrass State these observations …

• UK 24-17 loss to Louisville is infinitely more than a Governor’s Cup. Joker Phillips’ six-figure job now rides on …

1. How quickly an offensive line can be quilted together to create the 30-40 seconds this quarterback needs to throw.

2. Will the Wildcats play hard or coast then quit against No. 15 Florida, No. 2 LSU and No. 12 South Carolina?

• The onset of October weather, thoughts of ticket prices-versusproduct come to mind. How many UK fans at Commonwealth Stadium will dress up as empty seats?

• Will fans come back to Commonwealth Stadium for threegame home stand next month despite the imminent arrival of two words Kentucky football fans dread most – Cal’s Cats?

Tickets are available, Jacksonville State $41 each; $46 for SEC opponents. • Climbing down from upper reaches of Commonwealth Stadium after the loss to Louisville, a fan asks himself, “Did I really pay that much for this ticket, buy gas to get here, buy a place to park and buy a watered soft drink for mixer, to see this?

• Like the old days, will Lexington call-in radio show hosts appeal to callers, “Please folks, can we talk football here? And, let’s keep it civil, shall we?”

• Louisville’s pass rush? Anybody wonder what UK coaches said while watching Florida game film?

• How will Joker Phillips handle it when a fan asks, “ Yo, coach, about Maxwell Smith, is he anything like Will Fidler or Ryan Mossakowski?”

Worth Repeating

An e- mail three days before the Governor’s Cup from longtime Kentucky football fan Mark Boes in Berea.

“My fearful heart sees Louisville winning. UofL will run the ball (effectively). UK’s offense will sputter. Dropped passes, no blocking, no running, etc.”

Parting Shot

After a black weekend of bitter losses, this thought for player and coaches at Kentucky, Western Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky and Morehead State.

“Never walk away from failure. On the contrary, study it carefully and imaginatively for its hidden assets.” – Michael Korda

And so it goes.

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