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Bobby Phillips has German chocolate cake for birthday


We are still having nice weather for this time of year. Springtime will be here soon. There are not many people coming or going this time of year.

We had a pretty good number at church on Sunday and missed several who were absent. Best wishes to all the sick and shutins.

The phones take the place of visiting. They are nice in many ways, and especially for those who live alone.

We sure miss our many loved ones and friends who aren’t with us anymore. They are going from our homes but not from our hearts. We were all blessed in many ways.

I don’t have a big lot of news. Maybe no news is good news.

Our nephew, Charles Pitts Jr., called from Tennessee. It’s always good to hear from them. He was one of the first grandchildren in my father’s family and he was pretty special, as were all the grandchildren. A good book could be written about our lives growing up on Cowan and the Vermillion family on my mother’s side. Our grandfather came from North Carolina. He lived to be over a hundred years old and he had married three times. My father never met some of his family. Must history has been written about his life.

On Jan. 15, there was a quilt tacking at the Cowan Community Center. It was a beautiful sampler quilt, each square different, pieced by Patty Majority. Patty provided a delicious lunch. Other tackers were Linda Combs, Anna Yonts, and Doris Banks. They were happy to have some Head Start parents join them. The parents were Jenny Bay, Mary Brashears, Patty Cornett, Jennifer Eldridge, and Tina Taylor. They took to tacking quilts well and we are hoping they will join us again.

A large crowd gathered on the mountain to celebrate Bobby Phillips’s birthday. As always, Georgia had a bountiful feast including a beautiful made-fromscratch

German chocolate cake. Enjoying the visiting and singing

were Eastern Star friends and other friends and relatives.

James Bert Banks, son of David and Millie Banks of Cowan, has been in Japan for two weeks looking at new model cars. James is an engineer who designs car parts for Green Toppasi in Maysville.

Rylan Newsome, grandson of Carolyn and Johnny Campbell, is a member of the Lexington Choir. On Feb. 7, he will be singing in the Kentucky Children’s Choir at Whitney Hall in Louisville.

Linda Lucas and Carol Caudill visited Faye and Charles Banks and had lunch with them.

I have run out of time. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this nice winter weather.

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