Whitesburg KY

Bogus checks include name of ‘bank’ here

Police are advising local businesses to be cautious when accepting checks after a woman recently cashed a check in Jenkins on a Whitesburg bank that doesn’t exist.

Jenkins Police Chief Jim Stephens said the unidentified woman, whom he described as being six feet tall with blonde shoulder-length hair, cashed a bogus check at the Jenkins IGA at 5:19 p.m. on June 30.

“They’re putting bogus businesses, banks and employee information on the checks,” said Stephens.

Stephens said “Citizens Exchange Bank” of Whitesburg was printed on the check along with other business and employee information that does not exist.

“They’ve typed it in there some way,” said Stephens, adding that the woman made off with $372.20.

Stephens said the slender woman with a dark tan appeared to be very relaxed on the store’s surveillance camera. He said the woman was traveling in a fourdoor late model car.

A similar check was cashed by a white male in Happy in Perry County for $328.14.

“This one was also a payroll type (check) with a business that doesn’t exist and a bank that doesn’t exist,” said Stephens.

He said the check was issued to an employee with a Whitesburg address that doesn’t exist.

Stephens said the two cases appear to be connected.

“The writing on both appears to be similar,” he said.

Stephens said businesses should not cash checks if the person seeking to cash the check does not have proper identification.

“If you don’t recognize the bank, don’t cash it,” said Stephens. “If you don’t feel right about it, don’t cash it.”Anyone with information about the bogus checks is asked to call Stephens at 832-4411.

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