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Bollings celebrate 36th anniversary

Virgil Combs of Carcassonne had to be taken to WARH on Friday and they said he had a mild heart attack. They want to get him stabilized and send him to Lexington for a heart cat. He has so many health problems and is in and out of the hospital a lot. I wish him his wife Freda the best. I know they both are having a hard time. Happy anniversary to Wallace and Mary Bolling of Knott County. It was their 36th on May 14.

Happy birthday to Mandy Burns Jenkins. It was on May 11. She is the daughter of Martha Burns of Blackey. Mandy and her family live in Seoul, South Korea. They are coming in soon to visit with all the family in Kentucky.

Happy anniversary to Anthony and Jama Cornett of Knott County. It was their first on May 15.

The children of Tessie Johnson of Carbon Glow wanted to thank all the family and friends that helped with the gettogether that they had for Tessie for Mother’s Day that was held at the Cedar Grove Church on Linefork on that Saturday. Tessie had a great time with everyone and thanks for all the food that was brought.

Happy birthday to Katrina Back of Letcher. It was on May 11.

My dad P-nut is to go to West Virginia for a fourhour stress test. I hope it goes okay. It’s gonna be a long day for him and my mother Jean.

My dad and Jimmy Bates took a trip to Tennessee on Saturday. Jimmy is looking for a place to buy there. They came back that evening.

Happy birthday to my sister Debbie Fugate of Carcassonne. It’ss on May 19. I’d give her age but she might try and hurt me.

I’m so glad to say that Wesley Dixon of Carcassonne is home from the hospital and doing so much better. He was in for 15 days. He is the son of John and Jenny Dixon.

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