Whitesburg KY

Bomb threat frightens parents

Hello, everyone, from our little historical bourbon capital of the world.

It has been very busy here. The Bourbon Festival was Sept 18. Ashley McBride, The Kentucky Headhunters and Andrew Newton were some of the headlining performers.

Candace ‘Kacky’ Lewis and John Tingle were married on Sept 10 on John’s dad’s farm in Bloomfield. The weather was simply perfect. Reception followed at the Bloomfield Civic Center. Kacky’s daughter Mecie Cook was a bridesmaid with her best friend Tabitha Whitehead.

This was Mr. Tingle’s first wedding at the young age of 48. They are residing in Bardstown. John is a selfemployed carpenter /landscaper and Kacky works at Nippon Piston Rings.

Harold ‘Howie’ Morine had a birthday on Sept. 1, and celebrated with friends that weekend. I helped my daughters bake and decorate a cake for him. Bardstown

A lot of happenings in our little town even just this week. On Friday, a six-yearold was struck on the hand by a vehicle while he was getting on the school bus. The driver of the car had ignored the stop sign on the school bus and hit the child. Police cited the driver after the accident.

On Oct 19 around 11:30 just before lunch was to be served, parents received a phone call recording from Bardstown High School from the principal stating that there had been a bomb threat, students had been moved to a safe location and that parents should not come to the school to try to pick up their child. Before the phone call had come through my neighbor had knocked on my door and was going to pick up her daughte. Without really thinking, I followed her over there only to find parents parked up and down the streets waiting to hear something. As I sat there for a moment just to let things sink in, it occurred to me that if there indeed were a bomb, how many people were parked along the street that could be injured and wouldn’t be much benefit to their children if they were hurt too. So I drove home and waited until I got the call informing me that there had been nothing found in the building and that students were back in class.

On a brighter note, when the kids all got home on Sunday we had cake and ice cream with John after dinner since John was turning 10 on Friday, Oct. 21.

We celebrated Wednesday because the kids go to their dad’s after school on Thursdays.

Three teenagers were on their way home from school and had an accident. The Volkswagen Bug rolled over and one girl was killed. Wednesday was rainy and very overcast and weather is thought to have played a part in the wreck. Justin Case and Megan Sallee remain hospitalized.

Also on Wednesday, when I went to pick up John’s gifts and extra cake decorations that morning I stopped by the Log Cabin Minit- Mart. They were reattaching their registers to modems for credit card processing and such. The man helping Dharma and her father informed me that it would be a little bit of a wait as they had gotten robbed the night before. It was discovered at 6 a.m. when they opened the store. The thieves had broken the ATM machine but didn’t know how to get to the cash that was in it. They did get away with cash and cigarettes.

Someone had also made an attempt to rob the Maywood Chevron that same night.

The MADD ( Mothers Against Drunk Driving) 5k walk run was Saturday. The Nelson County MADD chapter hopes to raise awareness and to raise funds needed to implement more in-school programs.

There is always something going on in this town. The Ghost Trek starts in April and occurs every Saturday up until Halloween. Patti Starr and her husband Chuck are the guides on these events. I’ve gone on one and it was well worth the $15 fee. The areas visited are open working businesses and a pioneer cemetery.

Remember your camera, even camera phone because there are many ‘orbs’ in the cemetery photos.

Frost advisory was issued on Thursday and Friday nights. Temperatures reached as low as 31 those nights. Our heat pump stopped working in the middle of the night on Wednesday and it was after 7 p.m. on Friday before someone could come out to work on it. All the companies said they were slammed with calls because people were beginning to use their heat and finding out it wasn’t working. I had been using mine on cooler nights, it just quit with no warning.

Oh and I’ve been asked to include the engagement announcement of Tracy Cissell and Andy Cole. They’ve set the date for Oct. 4, 2012.

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