Whitesburg KY

Bonnet, book bought on Amish Country trip

Northeast Ohio

Howdy from a sunny but very chilly Lorain. Hope it’s warmer where you are and do hope everyone is well and enjoying life.

Well, our garage is back to normal. The structural work is all finished and the back is being painted now. Looks really good.

I wanted to pick some mustard but it rained all day yesterday and I don’t relish the thought of going mudding.

Richard and Georgia, Chester and Jettie and I took a trip to Amish country. We left about 7:30 a.m., had a good breakfast at the Amish Door, and went to Millers Bakery where I found and bought some dried apples. We went to a fabric outlet where Jettie bought some material but they didn’t have what she was looking for. We stopped at a flea market where I bought myself a bonnet and a book; I think all left with something.

Then we stopped at several garage sales and at a huge farm market, I think it was Toyers. It would take at least an hour or more to go all through it, they carry just about anything a person could want and if you are ready for lunch there are samples of all kinds to try. I did buy some fudge and I do believe it surpassed what I got at Daffins. After all shopping was finished and evening was near, we stopped at a small Amish restaurant for a snack before heading home. All in all we had a most pleasant day.

Red and I went to Little Pilgrim Home Church on Mother’s Day. They had a pretty good crowd, a good meeting and sang some beautiful songs. Buddy and Carlene Spencer Carty along with their son, Danny, were there. It’s always a pleasure to see and get to talk with them. Carlene is a daughter of the late Joel Spencer and sister to J.B. Spencer of the singing group The Spencers. They lived at the head of the left fork of Millstone, the last house at the foot of the hill where we crossed over into Indian Creek. We knew the older children fairly well but Carlene was one of the younger ones.

By this time next week, if nothing unforeseen happens, we should be at the Travelers Motel in Pound, Va. Due to the price of gas this will be our one and only vacation this year. We’ll only go if it’s absolutely necessary.

Bill brought me a load of clothes and I’ve been working on them. I work awhile then come inside to thaw out – no heat in our garage. Business is going well for him, he’s getting new customers all the time.

Hello, Janice, and thank you for the pictures. I had never seen the one of Grandma Sergent and Uncle Isom. Beautiful pictures and again, many thanks. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Hello to Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass. Hope both are well and I do hope your “Gospel Jubilee” is up and going again. Even though I can’t listen to the beloved old mountain gospel songs I’m sure there are so many who have been missing you and the sweet sounds of the beautiful and inspiring songs you play. When we are unable to attend church I play the CD and it’s like having a gospel singing service at home. Love and prayers to both of you and have a safe and happy vacation when you take your journey to the mountains of Kentucky. Too bad we won’t be there at the same time, I would make every effort to get to meet you.

I just heard the weather news for next week and good news it is! Course we’re supposed to have cool weather and maybe a shower or so, but by next Thursday the temperature is supposed to be about 81 or so. Definitely my kind of weather. I just hope the whole weekend will be like that. Sure will be good to see everyone.

Catharine sometimes gets off early, so I’m gonna say so long for now and do hope to see lots of family and friends next weekend. Love and prayers to all.

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