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Bonnie Asher touched many lives

Sorry I have been too busy to write for the last few weeks. Time just gets away from me sometimes.

Many families have been touched by sadness since I wrote last.

Estelle Blair Day recently died in Somerset, and was brought home for burial at the Isom Cemetery. She was a well-loved lady in the community and was always a devoted attendee of Blair Branch Church until her health declined.

Sympathy to her children, Sharon, Shelia, Earlene (Nora) and Earl, and her brother, Leon Blair, plus her many grandchildren and family.

We also lost sweet little Bonnie Childers Asher recently.

She was a jewel and touched so many lives with her gentle, knowledgeable manner. Bonnie stayed busy with everything from music, teaching, working at the libraries, her church, anything related to her family, friends and community.


Much sympathy to Amy, William Curtis, Gerald David, and to Bonnie’s siblings, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, family and friends.

Essie Alicene Combs (Sod) died last week at her home. Sod hadn’t been well in a while, and had been in and out of different hospitals for the last few weeks.

She leaves her mother, Irene Kimbley Dixon; husband,

Ira; son, Anthony Gray; stepdaughters, Julia and Marlene; her sisters, Wilma Pridemore and Iva Mae (Dease) Webb; grandchildren and relatives and friends, who will miss her so.

Former Blackey resident Lilly Blaine Cornett, of Falmouth, died on June 28 at the age of 91. Lilly Blaine and Helen came back to Blackey to attend church at Mount Olivet, where he was a member, and to visit family and friends as long as he was able.

Our sympathy to Helen and their children; Lilly Blaine’s brothers, Dean and Elwood; and sister, Mildred, and all his family and friends.

Bob and I would have attended his funeral service, but were on vacation at that time. Lilly Blaine and Helen always treated us so well, and we were sorry to have to miss his visitation. All of us will miss seeing him sitting on the front row, his usual spot, next to Rodney Ison at the Mount Olivet Church.

Also, Maggie Bowens, our longtime church friend, died while we were out of town. She had been a patient at Letcher Manor for quite some time and we would see her there. Her friend Shirley Sexton was always good to keep check on her too.

Maggie and Edna Thomas traveled to church together for many years. Both had lost their husbands, and it was good they could travel together.

Bob would change the time on Edna’s car every spring and fall when they came to Blair Branch Church. After Lynn died, Edna could never figure out how to change it. They were fine ladies.

Sorry to report so much sadness in the community.

Then the terrible tragedy that hit the Jones and Warner families happened, and our hearts break for the families of the young couple. So many prayers were sent up that they would be found safe and unharmed, and later when the news came, our prayers shifted to their parents, children, siblings, family and friends to be comforted during their loss.

Bill and Sandy have touched so many lives since they moved to our community many years ago from West Virginia. We hope they overwhelming support from family, friends and even strangers who have prayed throughout the tragedy can be of some small comfort during their grief.

The event that unfolded during the disappearance of Bobby and Crystal were just so hard to believe, and all were praying for a different outcome. God bless the families.

A reunion of the Adams, Thompson and Blair families will be held at the Arthur and Helmer Adams property on Blair Branch on Aug. 5 and 6. Aug. 5, vegetable soup will be served at 5 p.m. followed by church at 6:30 p.m. The reunion supper will be held Aug. 6 starting at 5:30 p.m. For more information, call Mrs. Den (Judy) Adams at 419-399-5338 or email denjudy3@yahoo.com.

I will try to get back to getting a column turned in on a weekly basis soon. Sometimes I have just forgotten to write, I can’t remember anything lately.

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