Whitesburg KY

Bookmobile isn’t rolling

The Letcher County Public Library District’s bookmobile hasn’t been on roads in three months and librarians are trying to find ways to deliver books to those who have trouble getting to a library.

“Some people miss it,” said Lina Tidal, director of libraries. “We’re trying to meet needs by mailing books to them.”

The bookmobile became inoperable in September and a new motor is estimated to cost $6,000, plus a $1,000 for labor, Tidal said.

The library board of trustees is contemplating buying a new vehicle rather than spending $7,000 to fix the bookmobile that Legina Adams has been driving across the county for nine years.

In the meantime, Adams is planning to leave boxes of donated books at senior citizens centers and community centers located throughout the county.

Before the bookmobile stopped running, Adams said she delivered books to at least five houses a day.

“I’ll go anywhere if anyone requests me to come,” said Adams.

Each year, Adams spends nearly $7,000 on books for the bookmobile.

“ Patrons really go through them,” said Adams. “I have to keep a new supply coming.”

Romance, inspirational, westerns and historical books are requested often, Adams said. Patrons also ask for cookbooks and books about Kentucky.

Adams said people are appreciative when she brings books to them.

“It’s a very rewarding job,” she said.

Last week, while the bookmobile was parked behind the Harry M. Caudill Memorial Library in Whitesburg, someone vandalized the sides of the vehicle with drawings of male anatomy. A week before that, someone poured a soft drink in the Whitesburg book drop box, destroying several books.

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