Whitesburg KY

Boone Fork Center honors veterans

Boone Fork Center is not only a place to eat and enjoy each other’s company. Thursday, we paid tribute to a small group of our veterans.

Their names are as follows:

Bill Blair, Wendell Hogg, Joe Walker, Howard Tibbs, Robert Fleming, and Clint Adams.

They sacrificed of themselves and their families so that we could have peace in America.

To commemorate the event, we had a large cake with colors of the flag and ice cream. The center was decorated by Irene and Ida.

Our site manager is Deeda Tilley and her workers are Debbie and Connie.

We will be going to Mountain Comp June 3 and Boone Fork will be hosting a prom June 9. All Letcher County centers will be there.

Everyone is welcome. Visit our center anytime.

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