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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Bourbon Festival held in Bardstown


Greetings all from the Bourbon Capital.

Town was all abuzz as the annual Bourbon Festival got underway Sept. 16-21. There were booths for everything from local businesses to independent jewelrymakers who were selling in tents that were set up around the lawn of Spalding Hall and the roads into City Hall were blocked from either side so that the Bourbon City Cruisers could set up their car show.

We didn’t have concrete plans to attend as Howie’s parents were scheduled to arrive on Thursday evening on their yearly visit driving from Texas to Illinois and back, stopping along the way in Kentucky, Ohio then in Kankakee, Ill. This year, Atlanta was added to that list as my brother-in-law and his family moved to Georgia from Colorado just a few months ago. Unfortunately, the visit was cut short when Sharon fell ill and they decided to leave Bardstown a day early on Friday and head to Maumee.

On Saturday, Howie and I parked in town and walked to the car show and walked around the booths to check out the vendors. The first band wasn’t starting until 5 p.m. and the Kentucky Headhunters weren’t playing until 10 p. m. So we called it a day. We saw a few friends and met several out-of-towners as is the norm during the event. We saw cars from as far away as California.

After getting back to our vehicle and worked our way through traffic, we decided to spend the rest of the evening on our patio enjoying the beautiful weather and avoiding the frustration of the volume of traffic on the roads.

The cooler temperatures have caused several flocks of birds to be flying south daily. Two to three weeks ago, I saw geese flying over and a few days later I heard another group and happened to see that they were flying in the same direction. I assumed that meant that summer was over or very near. The mornings have been a bit warmer since then, yet there has been a slight bite to the chilly morning air for the pass two days.

The White Castle Crave mobile has been parking at various parking lots around town through the summer to give those who live in the area the chance to purchase White Castle foods without having to drive over to Elizabethtown.

White Castle has locations in Louisville and Elizabethtown, yet, hasn’t made it to Bardstown. It is rumored that it is considering leasing the former KFC building. However, that hasn’t been confirmed and several restaurants have opted out of Bardstown as a choice because of the ordinance that says a sign cannot be more than 20 feet high. Cracker Barrel finally gave in after 10 years or so of wanting to open here, however its signs didn’t fit the ordinance so the town lost out for a bit longer than it would have.

The historical aspect of our town which was voted “Best Small Town in America” brings in the tourists year round, although peak season is during the Bourbon Festival. This year’s concert in the park series featured Starship with Mickey Thomas. We met people who had traveled from Florida and Illinois that were following the band and had been for years. They also had front row seats and signs and banners for the keyboardist’s birthday.

Having been a kid of the ‘80s, my most prominent memories of the band’s music were after Mickey joined them and had hits such as “Sara” and “We Built this City”. For being in his 60’s Mickey’s voice sounds exactly as it did when those songs were new and hot on the charts. Despite the storms around us, the show did go on as they skipped intermission and took no breaks. As soon as they left the stage the lightning and thunder started up again.

Prayers are requested for the following Danny and Margo Huff, Jim Hardesty, Kathy Beavers, Sharon Smith, Larry (Sgt.) Downs ( former JROTC instructor at WHS), Sherri Hoylman, Anna Pyle, Chester Rayburn, John Rayburn, Candace Tingle and Betty Stidham.

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