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Boy, 13, charged after firing pellets at school; one shot hits principal

A 13- year- old boy has been charged with eight counts of wanton endangerment and one count of fourth-degree assault after police say he used a pellet gun to fire rounds from a window of his apartment toward West Whitesburg Elementary School. One of the pellets hit the school’s principal.

The school day had ended August 8 and most students were gone from the campus when the boy, a Whitesburg Middle School student who lives in an apartment located above the school at the Whitesburg Housing Authority, began firing the shots. One pellet hit Principal Stacy Isaac in the leg, causing a visible mark but no open wound, said Whitesburg Police Chief Tyrone Fields.

Isaac and other staff members were talking with each other outside the main entrance of the school when the incident occurred around 3:10 p.m.

One pellet whizzed by the face of a WWES staff member and another pellet hit a garbage can that was being pulled by a custodian, Fields said.

A man standing outside saw the juvenile with the scope-equipped pellet gun, said Fields. The weapon was confiscated.

The juvenile is charged with eight counts of wanton endangerment because four teachers, two students, a custodian and a man were standing on the patio area in front of the elementary school at the time of the incident. The assault charge is the result of Isaac being struck in the leg.

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