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Boy gets buzz, takes bus

A 16- year- old was arrested after allegedly stealing a school bus from the Whitesburg Middle School parking lot.

Whitesburg Police Chief Tyrone Fields said he used surveillance video to identify the intoxicated teen. His name is not being released because of his age.

Video showed the bus being stolen at 11 p.m. Friday. Fields said video showed the teen board the bus, search until he found an extra key that was hidden on the bus, and then spend a few moments trying studying the push-button gear selector.

“He started it up and drove off in it,” Fields said. “He took it to the top of the hill and hit the stop sign.”

Fields said surveillance video indicates the teen “had it on the floor” going up the hill, but was apparently unfamiliar with the procedure for driving a vehicle with air brakes.

“He stepped on the brake, but I don’t think he had enough air pressure to stop,” Fields said.

The bus’ engine slowed it down until it hit the sign. The would-be bus thief then climbed out of the bus and ran away.

Fields said he located the boy shortly before 10 a.m. Saturday and took him to the juvenile detention center at Jackson.

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