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Boyd corrects error

To the Editor:

I appreciated the recent article in The Mountain Eagle, which I have been receiving for many years.

There is one error which I wish to correct.

I did serve in the U.S. Army in Korea for one year during the Korean War. I was in the Army for two years — Dec. 1950–Dec. 1952.

When I was discharged I did enter U.K. to work on my master’s degree, which I did receive.

I was a student at U.K. for one full semester and two summer terms. I received by master’s degree in 1954.

I was a student in Georgetown College from 1946-1950. They started football back after World War II. I enrolled as a freshman and played football for four years. I graduated in 1950.

I came to Whitesburg High School in the fall of 1950 as an assistant coach to Ray Pigman in football and basketball.

I was drafted in Dec. 1950. Ray Pigman was a great coach.

I was discharged from the Army in Dec. 1952. I entered U.K. to work on my master’s degree in the second semester of the 1952-1953 school year.

That first semester at U.K. is when I met Martha Anne Holbrook, who was a WHS graduate. We were married in 1954 and both taught at WHS that first year of our marriage.

We moved to Lawrenceburg in 1955, where I was hired as a coach and teacher. She also taught in the elementary school here.

Our son, Paul was a small baby when we moved to Lawrenceburg. He is now Dr. Paul Boyd and teaches at university of Louisville Dental School.

We also now have a greatgrandson, whom we love dearly.

My best to all.


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