Whitesburg KY

Boyd voters okay limited drink sales


A measure to allow by-thedrink liquor sales at some businesses in Boyd County in northeastern Kentucky passed by a 2- 1 margin last week.

With all precincts reporting, 6,443 voted in favor of legalized liquor sales, or 67.4 percent, to 3,118 against, or 32.6 percent.

“Honestly, I’m just happy that the people of Boyd County got to use their voice and say what they wanted,” Karen Dillow, manager of Kyova Mall, told The Daily Independent of Ashland. “The county is open to many opportunities now.”

Management at the mall led a petition drive that got the proposal on the May 22 ballot and had said liquor licenses were a must for drawing casual-dining restaurants.

Harold Cathey of Dry Forces United, which had filed a lawsuit to try to stop the election, said the group was looking at its options.

“I’m disappointed most of all in the resounding defeat,” he told the newspaper.

The measure will allow bythe drink alcohol sales at establishments that seat at least 100 and derive at least 70 percent of their income from food. It will affect development areas anywhere outside of two downtown Ashland precincts that already allow alcohol sales.

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