Whitesburg KY

Boys enjoy rides at Mt. Heritage

Blair Branch

Michael and I took the boys to the carnival at the Black Gold Festival, but they weren’t able to enjoy the rides because of the rain. We walked around a little, bought some Mongolian chicken from Peking’s, and called it a day.

We made up for it though. Thursday night the rain held off, so we took the boys to the Mountain Heritage Festival. Michael and I enjoyed a blooming onion, and the boys rode the rides at the carnival until they were completely exhausted. I hope everyone was able to go out and enjoy at least some of the activities at the festival.

I have several birthdays to share this week. Joy Watts celebrated her birthday on September 20, Emily Buchanan, 21st ; Lyndci Adams-Gilliam, 23rd; Savannah Albers, 24th; Lee Whitaker, 25th; Jamie Halcomb-Collins and Dale Albers, 27th; Missy Whitaker-Fields, Charles E Blair, and Junie Whitaker, 28th. Happy birthday all! I hope your special days were filled with love and laughter.

Rebecca Blair-Ingram asks that everyone please remember her mother-inlaw Cinda Ingram in their prayers. Rebecca says, “She is having major complications from a blocked duct caused by a gallstone. She is in ICU in Johnson city, Tenn.”

Deidra Fields-Gibson had outpatient surgery on the 22nd to remove a cyst from her shoulder. I’m glad she came through the surgery OK, and with only five stitches.

Wilma Whitaker- Halcomb has been back in the hospital with dehydration. She came home on Thursday, but on Friday I saw an ambulance at her house. Wilma’s daughter Jamie Collins says they think she may have a blood clot. Mom, Sylvania Whitaker, spent a night in the hospital as well. She needed to receive three units of blood. After she received it, they let her come on home.

I hope everyone has a healthy and happy week. If you would like to contact me, you maydosoat alanacouch@tvscable.com.

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