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Boys vs. girls



DEAR AMERICAN GIRL: I’m better at making friends with boys. I just think boys do cool stuff and girls don’t. When I spend time with the boys, the girls make fun of me. How can I make them stop? – Boy Friend

If you like what the boys are doing, chances are other girls might, too. Be friendly and invite a few girls to join you the next time you get together with the boys. Even if the girls say no, you’ve made an effort to include them, and they may be less likely to tease you. Make sure you don’t say anything mean to the girls. If you did, it could have hurt their feelings, and it could be why they’re teasing you.

DEAR AMERICAN GIRL: When I went to a carnival, I played a game in which you threw a football through a hole. The man said I should step up to the 8-year-old line, even though I’m 11. He said it was because I’m a girl. I didn’t like that. What should I do next time? – Insulted



Next time someone says you can’t do something because you’re a girl, don’t accept it! Tell the person firmly that no one knows what you can do till you give it a try. Then give it your very best shot. Visit americangirl.com to get or give advice. © 2007 American Girl, LLC. All rights reserved.

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