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Braddock disputes water bills

To the Editor:

This is a rebuttal to the article appearing in the November 3 Mountain Eagle,
commenting on the opening remarks when Mayor Dixon, with a shaky, cracking voice, said he was not going to take any grandstanding, and sputtered on.

Mr. Farley said in the paper that Mayor Dixon called my name three times. I did not hear him call my name; if I had, I would have immediately replied to his statements.

Obviously he knows very little about the way our government runs. The people cannot be denied their right to speech, and I represent, as an elected official, all the people, and I will discuss any matter with the members of the city council and mayor.

I will not be silenced by threats or physical violence. I take my job seriously, and I will do my best to represent all the people.

I have conducted a self audit of all the financial statements for the last six years, and I’ve discovered that people were paying an average of $400,000 a year since 2008- 2010, in and above what the yearly amounts had been from the three previous years, 2005, 2006, 2007.

Anyone can obtain this material at the Jenkins City Hall.

Jenkins would have had to have gained 400 new residents to justify the $400,000 year extra that everyone is now paying. I am well qualifi ed to make such an audit from experience gained as a manager in the insurance industry.

I have presented a copy to all councilmen and the mayor, and I gave reporter Bill Farley a copy at the November 1, 2010 meeting. I said that we would discuss the audit at the December 7 Town Hall Meeting.

The numbers don’t lie. Make your own decision.

TERRY BRADDOCK Jenkins City Councilman

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