Whitesburg KY

Breedings welcome new baby

Congratulations to James and Alexandra Breeding on their birth of a new baby boy.

Kase was born March 23, and was a big fellow, weighing 10 pounds, 8 ounces. I’m glad mom and son are doing well and hope Porter will enjoy his new brother.

Recently Jerry and Bonita Adams spent a week at Santee Cooper State Park in South Carolina. They took their boat and fished some, toured small historic towns in the area, and took in some antique stores and such.

Spring forest fires have been popping up in Letcher and surrounding counties. There’s been a couple of different ones on Carbon Glow.

We met the firefighters going up the hill on Sunday evening as we were coming back from riding the four-wheeler. I don’t know why anyone would deliberately set them.

A pretty bald eagle has been lighting in the trees at Don and Coreen Pridemore’s home. Last week they saw it perched in their trees. Liberty and Noah could see it from Sycamore Loop. It was there three times.

We’re having a cold snap that is probably redbud winter.

Glad Marie Reedy and Melanie Caudill are both home from recent hospital stays.

A bout of flu seems to be spreading through our area. I hope all feel better.

Belated birthday wishes to June Breeding Short, Judy Lynn Adams, and others who celebrated.

Ila Adams’s sister, Eolia, has recently been in the hospital. The family has been so concerned about her.

Our area was saddened to learn that Ann Johnson Frazier had died at the Hospice Center in Hazard. She wanted to come back home from Florida to her Knott County home, and her son Craig let her come back.


Margaret Sue Nichols, Mary Ann Morgan and other family members had been staying with Ann until she needed to go to the Hospice Center. Her services were held Tuesday and Wednesday, and she was laid to rest in the family cemetery.

Mary Sue Pinyerd will miss her sister so much. She was so close to her. Our sympathy to them all.

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