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Breezy back deck is wonderful to sit on

Hello again everyone!

Since it is Christmas in July, have you started your Christmas shopping yet? For the past two weeks I’ve been watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel on Direct Television. I will be sorry to see it ending as it sure beats all the advertisement of political garbage.

I am so sick of hearing how bad Democrats are. I really don’t see that the Republican Party is so great. There are liars on both sides that promise so much and deliver nothing

I’ve sure enjoyed a few times that I’ve been able to get on the back deck. Early in day the breeze is so wonderful. Thanks to my daughter Kay Gray for the large umbrella. Kay was able to get a green one, and though it is not exactly the same color as she had given me before, it is close enough.

My son doesn’t like the color pink. I always threaten to put up a pink umbrella, and I tease about finding pink roofing. He knows I only joke with him.

Well, I did get a pink cast for my wrist. I’m so glad that I am finally free from the cast, and the brace on my wrist, and the boot on my foot. I don’t have to use the wheelchair anymore. My right ankle gives me a lot of pain and stays swollen really bad.

I couldn’t get my regular gym shoes on, so I found my winter house shoes, that have the fur lining. These are the only shoes I can squeeze my foot in. Yes, I’ve worn them a couple of times when I’ve ventured out.

Friday, I had some errands I had to do. While I was at the Family Dollar Store, I saw a pair of slip-ons with glitter. I bought them and they will do until I can get my regular shoes on again. Yes, a friend laughed at me as I was buying them, as she knows I don’t wear that much glitter.

Sunday, Daphne Korner and I ventured to the Indian Mound Church grounds to the jam session with Warren and Judy Waldron. There was a huge crowd at this event. The music was very good. A square dance caller was there and said there were enough people for a square dance. Well, I spoke up real fast and replied that I would hit them with the stick that was close to me.

The man looked sort of surprised until Judy told him that I loved square dancing and had an accident and wasn’t able to dance. We all had a good laugh.

Daphne has been so patient with me during these trying times. She was surprised that I didn’t take the wheelchair as we were leaving. I’ve known Daphne about eight years. I liked her when I first met her. I couldn’t get any better friends than Daphne and Vicki Power.

Osborne Brothers Festival is this weekend at Hyden. It literally breaks my heart as I am not going to be able to go. I enjoyed it so much last year.

I talked to Dean Osborne. Actually Dean advised me for health reasons to think it over carefully about driving that distance with my ankle swollen, as I could develop blood clots.

Dean hurt his knee and had quite a bit of problems, so he knows the danger. I have known Dean Osborne for about 20 years or longer. He has never let success go to his head.

I kept pestering him about getting Sunrise Ridge on the festival, which he did. Sunrise Ridge is booked this year on Saturday along with another favorite band of mine, Larry Efaw & Bluegrass Mountaineers

At the present time, I don’t have a car that I trust going that distance either. I sincerely hate car salesmen. You have to be so careful as the last two that I’ve dealt with seemed so nice at first, and turned out to be liars.

Friday, I went to see about a car. I finally found one I was interested in. Just as I was ready to sign, I found the salesman was trying to put it through as a lease. I picked up my purse and hobbled out, biting my lips to keep from giving him an old-fashioned tonguelashing.

I believe as I’m older that salesman thinks older women are stupid. I am not the sharpest tack in a box, and just because I am old I am not stupid. I’m so tired of fighting to get a point across.

Doug Ison from Columbus, Indiana (I believe), along with his brother Michael from Kingscreek is visiting Michael’s daughter Brooke, her husband Jeff Ruskamp, and children Sedona and Hubbard in New York.

Mike and Doug have really been enjoying the trip with the family as they have attended a Mets game at Mets Citifeld Stadium, Queens, N.Y. The Ison boys take frequent trips to N.Y. but they still haven’t gotten citified.

I have watched Sedona and Hubbard grow up since birth on the computer. I met Brooke and her husband Jeff several years ago at Polly Ison Maucher’s, then I met Brooke again at the family reunion. She is a beautiful person.

Of course I remember Polly, Doug, and Michael when I was a child from Roxana.

Johnny and Calihan are having a little bit of health problems, as Johnny’s blood pressure has gotten rather high. Ann’s leg is bothering her and she is on medications to try to keep infections from setting in.

Their daughter Sue Wagner came home for a very brief visit, as she had a doctor’s appointment in Cincinnati. Sue did get to spend a little time with her twin granddaughters.

I have really enjoyed being in touch with Virginia Gilley who resides in Columbus, Indiana. Virginia is from the Cowan area. We were in contact with each other a long time ago, and somehow lost touch with each other.

Virginia and I have been having the same problems with our water. My son installed a pump and he decided to put new pipes in. That was a mistake as the pipes were about a hundred feet in the ground.

Now I am getting sand in the water, which is messing up this stupid washer of mine. The washer repairman said we need a water filter installed to keep out the sediments. Keith installed a filter in the waterline in the basement and another filter to connect to the washer. So far it seems to be working. I’ve lived here 46 years and never had any problems.

Virginia doesn’t have anyone to help her do this for her, as she had a new well drilled. Now she has to buy water to drink. I wish she didn’t live so far away. I would see if Keith could fix her problem.

There are times I would like Keith to find an apartment as I really like living alone, then he is so good to help in any way, plus I have room that he can work on his vehicles.

Last night I woke up at 10 o’clock. I heard a noise, and Keith was mowing grass as it is supposed to rain today

Hello to Mike and Marcia Caudill. You know my thoughts will be with you at the square dance, so you two dance one for me.

Carcassonne Community Center will host its August square dance on Saturday, August 10, from 6:00-9:00 pm, presented by the Dials Family. Music by Sunrise Ridge. Caller: Will Bowling. Admission: Adults – $5.00, Students 6-18, $3.00, children under 6, free with paying adult. Concessions, special meal, and souvenirs available for purchase. Carcassonne is known as the home of the longest-running community sponsored square dance in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Don’t forget Campbell’s Branch Community Center has music every Friday night. August 9 will be Sunrise Ridge.

I believe the house band plays the third Friday of the month with Fred, T, Alice and Darlene Campbell along with Ballard & Bordus Adkins who has floating feet when he steps off the stage to dance.

If I lived back in the mountains I would be at Campbell’s Branch Community Center ever Friday night and you would find me at Carcassonne Community Center the second Saturday of each month.

I know I live such a wild and exciting life, going to community centers. At least there’s no drinking nor pot smoking. There’s delicious food at both community centers also and priced reasonably.

Hello to Les and Pat Wagner and all the gang.

It is time to mark your calendar for Letcher County Day September 28 at the Harrison, Ohio Community Center.

More on that next column.

My foot is bothering me, and my left hand is getting numb.

Until next time.

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com

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