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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Brenda and Bennett Adams are back from Florida


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and keeping warm. I’m glad we didn’t have the weather like they had in some places. My son, Rob, was here and he couldn’t get a call home. The power was off and no telephone service.

We called the state police and everyone we knew to call. They said it was terrible there. His friend, Jack Sparks’s, wife, Teresa, said she had seen two tornadoes and this was much worse than them. I don’t know how long they will be without power. Lots of lines were broken from falling trees and limbs. I hope they get it taken care of soon.

It was good seeing Brenda and Bennett Adams back from Florida. They couldn’t stay away as long as they had planned. I told them they couldn’t stay away from all our church people and church.

My sister, Judy Greene, had her surgery and is back home and doing well. I’m glad she got it over with. Everything was OK.

We were sorry to hear of the death of Jim Critt Gose. Our sympathy goes out to his family.

A double first cousin, Bob Howard, died in Florida. He was the son of Polly and Less Howard, both deceased. He was the brother of Ida Hatton. He was one of 16 children. He has three brothers who are sick and need to be remembered in prayer, Kern Howard, Leonard Howard, and Dexter Howard. They lived in Marlowe when they were young. They are scattered all over the place now. Their brother, Garland Howard, also died in Florida about a month ago.

Bro. Tony Adams’s wife, Brenda, had surgery. I hope she is doing better. Remember her.

Our good friend and my pastor, John Conn’s, brother had surgery also. I don’t think it was as serious as they first thought it might be. Arnold Conn lives in Georgetown. We still miss him.

I met Ruby Combs and she gave me a lot of old pictures of our Marlowe friends. I’ll be putting them in The Eagle a few at a time so be sure you get your paper so you can see the pictures of old friends.

Ruby was with some friends. I enjoyed visiting with them at Dairy Queen, Sybil Whitaker, Joyce Wagner, Earnestine Flint (Betty Sue Anderson’s daughter), and Hiram Collins. I would have loved staying longer and talking to them, but they were going to a meeting and I was going to church. We still got a lot said. I can always say a lot in a short time.

I visited Camille (Combs) Fickering at Letcher Manor a few days ago and also Lovell Day. She is always smiling and so pleasant. She enjoys The Eagle. I love visiting Camille. I watched her grow up. Madge Combs and Lucinda Roberts were sleeping. I hate to wake up people.

Is everyone happy with their great big high power bills? I’d say lots of people are turning down their heat and turning things off after using them. Most people’s more than doubled. I know it has to be hard on people who are on low incomes. I hope no one gets their power turned off.

I sure enjoyed a letter from my special friend, Anna Watkins in Florida, but was sorry she was in the hospital and that her sister had died a few days before Christmas. Anna told me to pour myself a cup of coffee and we would have visited. I did that and she was right. I would rather have been looking at her, but that and a telephone call is the next best thing. My friends really mean a lot to me. I’m so thankful for every one of them, and my pastor, Bro. John Conn, and all the people I go to church with. They are so special to me. I look forward to church and Sunday School.

We have a whole bunch of birthdays coming up, my sisters, Kathleen Brock and Betty Tyree, Jenetta Howard, Imogene Adkins, Sara Hatton and son Beau Hatton, Linda Hatton, and also another little fellow I used to baby-sit with some, Joseph Cornett. Happy birthday to all of you!

Dorthy Tacket called me and told me her brother, Bob Pennington, had had a stroke and needed prayer. I’ve called him my eighth brother. He was married to my sister, the late Della (Howard) Pennington.

May God bless all of you. Hope to see you in church.

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