Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Bridge is named for Jack Stallard

October 20, our visitor was Teresa Meade, assistant vice president and branch operations supervisor from Community Trust Bank in Whitesburg. She brought some literature about banking. She also brought us two wonderful cakes. One was yellow and the other was chocolate. They were all decorated real pretty. Thanks, Teresa, we really enjoyed them and they were highly appreciated.

We want Jim Craft to know how much we appreciate him at our center and what great help he is.

Our own Jack Stallard has a bridge at the foot of Seco Hill named for him. He served nine years in the U.S. Air Force including two tours overseas. Jack, you really deserved his very much and we’re all proud of you.

Ralph Hall, glad to see you back again with us. Lennon is still picking on his would-be friend. So would you please have a talk with him?

Thursday we had our potluck dinner. We had hotdogs and all the trimmings, salads, desserts, and drinks. Our good unknown Samaritan furnished the wieners and buns. Thank you, whoever you are. We really appreciate you.

We had lots of gifts to give away. Also, the door prize was a large fruit basket bought at Food World and Joy Pease won it. Lucky you, Joy.

We had a great day and 48 were there to join in the fun.

Friday, October 30, is our Halloween party at Kingscreek. I will tell about it next week.

Hey, Oma Hatton, sure was pleased to see you walk in the door and be back as we sure missed you and want you to be back as often as you can.

I talked to Patty Majority Saturday at Central Baptist Hospital and she said she was doing well. She was hoping to come home in a day or two. So she may be home when this comes out. Sure hope so as she is a very nice person and a good friend.

Jewel Bentley Caudill in Charlestown, Ind., it was nice talking to you. We’ll chat again soon. Take care.

I called our site manager Debbie Slone and she and her husband David were in Gatlinburg, Tenn., having a great time, shopping and sightseeing. (Probably eating all that good food.)

Here’s hoping to see all you senior citizens from all seven centers at the Kingscreek Halloween party and don’t forget your costumes and false faces. We’re looking for a good time so please be there.

God bless until next time.

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