Whitesburg KY

Bridges named in honor of veterans

First of all, I would like to add my thanks to many other people’s concerning the naming of the bridges in the lower end of the county. They have done a wonderful job and I am sure the relatives of the ones the bridges are named in honor of appreciate it.

I realize the upper ranks were important to the military but nobody is more of an asset to the cause that the lowly foot soldier. Without them the ones in charge could do nothing. George Washington was a valuable commander but he was no more important than the foot soldiers who suffered right along with him at Valley Forge. Without them he could have done nothing.

The President is an important man but without the approval of Congress he can do very little except propose actions. It would be idiotic to blame the President for everything the people disagree with. In all fairness they have to blame their elected members of Congress. The President can veto anything he doesn’t approve of passed by Congress, and it takes a lot of muscle to override the President’s veto.

A good friend of mine (James Breeding) passed away a short while ago. I worked with him and I worked with his first wife, Marceline. Marceline was always trying to get a laugh out of someone while James was always subdued, not saying much and never making an derogatory remarks about anyone. One of the bridges is named after him or I should say in his honor. He was just a PFC, I believe, and a POW, but he was just as important as Dwight D. Eisenhower, Douglas McArthur or any of the other generals. Some of the great Indian chiefs who fought white men could have done very little without their many warriors.

The many laws we have could not have become law with only a single person voting for it. It must be a majority vote to become law. Some of the laws we have in the books are rather vague while some are easily defined, but nonetheless they are laws which any moral citizen is obligated to obey. I can only imagine how unruly things in today’s society would be if we didn’t have laws to control the situations we see.

As for former soldiers, a good many of the lot were drafted right out of the cornfields and sent into battle with insufficient training to even have a chance of survival. They were drafted with no choice in the matter. Some of them went on to become leaders but many came home crippled for life and thousands didn’t come home at all. And some came home in a wooden box. But rather than being branded a coward, they went.

Even today veterans do not receive the recognition they deserve and they certainly can’t get the medical care they need without going through an Act of Congress. I am not referring to myself either, even though I am a six-year Army veteran. Some of our soldiers come home to an entirely different society than it was when they left and are shunned by many of our people through no fault of their own.

Well, that’s all from the Funny Farm till next time.

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