Whitesburg KY

Brighter day is coming

Now if this don’t knock your hat into the creek. Even the little ones who go to school are getting cabin fever because they don’t get to go school to be with their little friends. But they will have to wait a spell longer, I guess.

When pea planting time rolls around, spring is just around the corner. I don’t know how far around the corner, though.

I sure hope the weather doesn’t get warm enough in March to deceive the fruit trees into blooming too early, only to get their buds nipped off and killed.

We had plenty of fruit last year, and yet the pawpaws, walnuts, acorns and beechnuts were almost nonexistent. So there was a cold spell in there somewhere that killed them.

I live about a mile up in Johnson Fork, here at Premium, and usually I hear the beechnuts crunching under the wheels of my vehicle, but not last fall.

I didn’t hear crunching except for small tree limbs and a couple or three times my son and son-in-law had to cut trees out of the road to get out to go to work.

The only source of water we have is an open pond that comes from an abandoned mine. It is about 700 to 800 feet up on the mountain, and is frozen most of the winter.

I found out just how much snow one has to melt to get enough water to flush the commode. When the water is frozen, there is no other place to get water except Elk Creek or Wolfpen, which is in Knott County. We buy our drinking water.

Looking at the better side of the situation, there is a brighter day coming. I wonder if the weather of today will make people appreciate the good, hot weather of tomorrow.

In other worlds, ‘summer.’ But I would bet my walking cane against a good, hot biscuit that the same ones who do the most complaining now will be complaining the most in the summer.

We all know that mankind is never satisfied. I thank God that humans can’t control the weather. Can you imagine the turmoil if they could?

I’d rather not even entertain the thought.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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