Whitesburg KY

Brother and sister marking birthdays

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone!

Once again I will start by saying time is flying by way too fast to suit me. Here it is nearing the end of May and it seems like it has just started.

My brother Richie Hall spent a night at Whitesburg Hospital. He went to the doctor and was sent straight to the hospital as his heart was acting up.

Happy birthday to Richie May 26. It is very difficult to forget Richie’s birthday since my birthday follows his on May 27.

Happy birthday to the second best-looking man on Ingram Creek, Mark Roark, May 26. In case you wonder why I say second best looking, Bruce Jones is the best-looking man. I am sure glad Bruce doesn’t mind being teased.

Happy anniversary to my granddaughter Jennifer Proctor, May 27.

Belated happy birthday to Wanda’s brother Jerry Halcomb, May 25. Jerry is in the hospital at the present time with gallbladder trouble. Jerry I hope you improve and get out of there and back home.

I also hear that Mark Roark hasn’t been feeling well for some time.

Hello Barb and Rick Jones, I hope everything is going all right with you.

Happy birthday to my brother Jerry Hall and to my uncle Charles Barton on June 3.

My sister Loretta Church is once again supposed to go to Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington. She has blocked arteries in her neck. Loretta was supposed to go last week, but somehow transportation wasn’t scheduled for the trip.

Shirley Wells is not feeling up to par lately either. You know I really love my friends, but they don’t have to fall apart just because I decided to. I guess I am either a trendsetter or a troublemaker. More than likely the word troublemaker applies to me better.

For the past week or so my incision has really been bothering me more than usual. I have talked to others that have had this surgery and this is nothing unusual to be happening.

I had made plans to come to the mountains then go to Ralph Stanley’s Festival then decided against it as I am sort of afraid to drive that far, and then be out in the weather whether sunny or damp and not resting as I am still rather weak at times.

For once I am going to listen to my body and not my feet as usually my feet seem to have a mind of their own when it comes to music or going someplace.

I finally went to Betty and Doyle Ison’s. I don’t care how often I go there, I am still fascinated by that beautiful, huge boat dock of a deck that Doyle built. I have made the statement that you could park three cars on the deck if somehow you could drive onto it. Well, I changed my mind — there’s room on this deck for four cars, and still have room to spare.

If Doyle and Betty would let I just might pitch a tent there. I am always teasing Doyle about clearing out one of his little buildings and let me move in it. There’s a rolling embankment behind their house, and you can see forever and eternity in the vision that is waiting for you.

While I was there we were discussing making lye soap then using it for laundry. I told Betty I remembered helping Grandma Rosa Hall and Mommy while they were doing the washing. That lye soap would peel the skin off my little hands it was so strong.

Betty would like to find some lye soap. I know it is not made the same way as Grandma and other women made it.

Last Sunday afternoon I had to run an errand in Harrison, and there was laundry hanging on a clothesline. Oh there’s no way Mommy or Grandma or anyone I ever knew back around Roxana been caught doing wash on Sunday and hanging clothes on the line. I will use my automatic washer any time day or night and never think anything about it.

Friday night I went to Coon Hunters. I didn’t really feel like going, and after I got there I wish I had stayed home.

Something happened to sort of get me out of the mood, but I should have followed my own feelings and stayed home, as things didn’t improve when I arrived at Coon Hunters.

One of the musicians, Bill Adams, was talking on the microphone, and I could tell he was very upset. After he was finished I proceeded to walk across the floor and go find a seat. That is when I found out his daughter had been killed on Mother’s Day.

My sympathy goes out to John and Marlene Steuvers, who is the Vice President of Old Time Fiddlers. John and Marlene are such special people, and I am glad to say they are close friends of mine. John’s mother was 97 years old.

Wel,l here I am again with not much to report. Maybe one of these days I will get back in a mood to get out and find something to write about.

For those in this area, or those who like to drive, there’s a bluegrass festival June 1and 2 close to Oldenburg, Ind. The schedule of bands is good. Rural Route 2 is a band from Rising Sun, Ind., and is scheduled for two shows. This band has been together for several years. Gary Eldridge plays mandolin and does lead singing. This group has great harmony.

Gary is the nephew of Robert Bryant from Hotspot, and is a cousin to Betty Bryant Kelly from Johnson Fork. He now calls Franklin home.

Oma Hatton, I guess it will be a little while longer before I head your way to enjoy the view from your porch. Hello, Billy Hatton, I hope to see you before summer is over.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513- 367-4682.

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