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Brothers-in-law meet in ER


My dad, Benson ‘Pnut’ Blair of Elk Creek, had to be taken by ambulance on Sunday, the 24th, from the Isom BP. When he got to the hospital his heart rate was down to 30. They had to put a machine on him to get it up. That night they took him to Pikeville and admitted him so a cardiologist could look after him and see what he needed. They said he might need a pacemaker but now they are just switching some medicine to see how he does. He came home on that Wednesday and, believe m, he was ready. He is doing a lot better now

My uncle, Dorse Back of Elk Creek, also came into the emergency room while we were there He could barely stand up and his sugar was really high. It pretty much stays that way. They sent him home but want him to have some tests done. He is doing better now

Gene Combs of Isom has been in WARH. They think he might have had a minor stroke. I talked to his wife Deb while we were there. I hope he gets better soon.

Linda Caudill of Doty had been in the hospital but is now home and doing better. She is the wife of Randall Caudill.

Wesley Dixon of Carcassonne has also been in the hospital. He had pneumonia again. I’m not sure if he is home yet. I wish him the best. He is the son of Jenny and John Dixon.

Happy birthday to Damian Miller of Blackey, it was on July 6; Violet Watts of Blackey on July 8; Keshia Dixon of Whitesburg on July 8; Jake Kincaid of Blackey on June 25; Courtney Brown of Jeremiah turned 18 on July 2; Tillie Bolling of Blackey had one July 2.

My sympathy to the family of Marvin ‘mojoe’ watts of Hallie. He died on July 1. I went to school with his wife, Joan Caudill Watts.

My sister, Debbie Fugate, and her husband Duke, son Gary and his girlfriend Amber, and grandkids Gavin and Emmaleigh Adams went to Mammoth Cave for a few days last week. They left on Wednesday and came back Friday. They had a good trip.

Charlee Elise Campbell was born weighing 6 pounds, 4 ounces and was 19 inches long. Momma and Daddy are Patrick and Tenisha Campbell. Very proud grandparents are Randy and Nancy Campbell of Blackey and Charlie and Lou Walker of Stinkin’ Branch. This is their first grandchild, so they are “a little excited”!

Summer Madden of Crases Branch broke her arm riding a bike. She is the daughter of Tim and Donella Madden. Hope she doesn’t have to wear the cast too long.

Happy anniversary to Eddie and Michele Caudill of Red Star. It was their 18th on June 25.

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