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Bruce Jones planted his pea patch early

Southern Ohio

Hello again, everyone! Did you have a nice Valentine’s Day? I hope you received all kinds of surprises from your sweetie!

I have to laugh as I think of childhood days. Mom (Ora Hall) would have died of a heart attack at a very young age had Daddy (Clayton Hall) ever brought her home a box of Valentine candy or flowers. Had he been drinking and he thought about it, he might have picked flowers from someone’s flower garden.

My son, Keith Ballard, has done that trick a few times, not realizing someone might not appreciate having their roses disappear.

I wish a sweetie would send me a refrigerator and a comfortable chair to rock my little Bennie in! I rocked him in my wooden rocker from Cracker Barrel; he wasn’t a happy camper at all. He is used to sitting beside me in the big comfy chair and I don’t have it any more.

I had a new Maytag washer delivered to my house. What an ordeal purchasing one. I went to a store, I had actually purchased the washer, then the salesman could not take the time to even say thanks or anything. He never gave me enough to time to ask him a question before he was walking away talking on his cell phone. I canceled the sale and walked out of the store.

When I went the next day to purchase a washer at a different store, I found a salesperson that was courteous, not pushy and I bought the washer. Getting it delivered was a little difficult since the weather was bad. When it finally got here, set up in my laundry space, I made the mistake of not checking it. The guys were nice enough, however I don’t know what they used to level it up as it looks like I could lean the washer up against a ridge down in the mountains and it would be level. Needless to say they have to make another trip to straighten up their mess.

I read of quilts being put on display from a different state. Sometimes Mommy made quilts from old pieces of what she called overalls. She would cut the legs off worn-out denim britches and make quilts of them. The quilts were so heavy you couldn’t bunch them up around your feet. She made tack quilts, where you pull the thread through and tie it.

My grandmother, Betty Barton, made very pretty ones, however Mommy never got any of those as they were put aside for the ones who lived in Indiana.

I have never tried to quilt, though I bought a quilt top to put together when my granddaughter, Sarah Nottingham, who is nine years old now, was about five years old when I was at Berea. I had every intention of making it for Sarah. As usual my good intentions didn’t see daylight.

I am really pleased to write I finally found out how to get the Bobby Joe Pass gospel program on Bounce radio. I worked and worked trying to get this thing figured out. This program is worth listening to. While you are listening you can chat with Bobby’s wife, Madonna, and there are several other who reads The Mountain Eagle online also.

I am hooked on WMMT on Saturday mornings with Tony Burke, however Bobby Joe’s gospel is truly a beautiful program. He promotes a lot of music from the mountains.

I am thankful there are people like Bobby Joe who give their time for people to enjoy. I reckon Tony won’t miss me for a while on Saturday mornings.

I wish I was still active as a volunteer DJ. I really enjoyed being at WAIF-FM in 1994 and ’95. My show was called “Morning Sunshine”. That is why I appreciate all the ones who so freely give of their time to keep music on the air on public stations like WMMT and Bounce. There are all volunteers, no money involved except what comes out of your own pocket for gas and expenses, wear and tear on your automobiles, not to say your body! Most of the music is your own. I think now a lot it is computerized; I know it is been updated since I was a volunteer DJ.

I got involved doing this because a man said a woman had no business being a DJ. Guess I showed him!

I am looking for a song called “Too Old For A Heartache” by Flatt and Scruggs. It is in a box set made during 1959-63.

I just found the most amazing thing on my computer as I was looking for something. I came across a video of the tower on Pine Mountain, oh how beautiful to see. I can remember going there and climbing up those steps to see forever! We took our children there when they were small.

There was a video of Black Mountain, what it used to look like and what it looks like now. This is a very interesting thing for me to see.

With the weather being bad in our area, I decided to go to my daughter, Angie Weiderhold’s, to watch little Bennie since I didn’t want her out in this weather with him. When Angie tried to get back home the roads were horrible.

As I left for home my car was frozen over. I believe my mom was reincarnated as I decided I wanted to come home instead of staying with Angie. I am not satisfied away from home, no matter where it is!

My friend, Gwen Huff Farmer, was without electricity for several days due to the ice and bad weather. Gwen has a fireplace and her son, Glen Framer Jr., keeps a supply of wood in for her. She says she is staying fairly comfortable. Gwen is lucky she bought some extra batteries. She is the only one in her area that has a radio so she can listen to the news.

I didn’t ask her what she was doing for food. I can’t remember if she had a gas or electric stove in her kitchen. Knowing this strong-willed mountain woman, she will put a skillet over her fireplace to cook some of her homemade vittles.

When I hadn’t seen Gwen on the computer I was afraid she was sick, and with me not feeling well and the aggravation I haven’t been on the computer that much nor talked to anyone.

I have a pair of new glasses made and they are giving me a fit to get used too. There’s a Vision place on Harrison Avenue the man’s name is Mike Ringle. You will never find a more efficient person. As he put my glasses on my face, I had to tease him. I asked him now he had fixed my vision, could he do something about the gray hair and my wrinkles?

He got a twinkle in his eyes and said he could say something but wouldn’t. I told him to go ahead. With a mischievous grin, he replied he wasn’t a miracle worker. I told him I was going to step on his big feet with my small ones. Once again my greatgrandma, Nance Coots, came through as I had to tease someone.

I think is time I stop complaining and say how thankful that I have a house, I managed to pay my bills, and my vision can be corrected as soon as I get used to these glasses. I feel very bad, however I still can manage to take care of my grandbaby, little Bennie. This small joy has been a lifesaver for me in the past few months. Angie doesn’t know it, just as quick as it gets warm weather I am going to head for a bluegrass festival with Bennie.

Hello to a special young lad, Devon Cornett of Linefork, who is the son of Colin and Monie Cornett. Devon reads The Mountain Eagle and gets disappointed when his mom or someone forgets to buy one.

Devon could just go down to Richie and Wanda’s and snitch Wanda’s when she is finished reading her paper.

Monie is recovering slowly from her accident. It will take quite a while for her to be back to her feisty self. Devon is such a help to his mom. I am looking forward to meeting this cute young lad when I get back to the mountains again.

Would you believe Bruce Jones has already planted his peas? Bruce didn’t wait until Feb. 14, the old time for planting peas. Bruce jumped the gun and planted his peas Feb. 9. Bruce, I hope you planted extra as you know your little buddy Richie Hall will be trying to sneak in the pea patch when they are ready. You may find me right there, too.

I hope Levine Jones is doing alright in Bristol, Tenn. I never hear anything from him.

Annalee Jones, how would you like to head for the mountains in a few weeks? I can feel my feet wanting to head that way. I am afraid to start out too far in the winter weather.

I talked to Ann and Johnny Calihan. All their family are doing well. Ann has been fixing chicken noodle soup for a granddaughter and stays busy. Johnny is anxiously waiting for springtime so he can get out in the garden.

Belated happy birthday to Doyle Ison Feb. 12. Betty had some surgery for thyroid and was feeling rough for a few days. She is a trooper. This is another one you can’t keep down for long.

Thanks, Arlyn and Clarence Halcomb, for the pretty Valentine’s card!

As usual time is catching up with me, so until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com., telephone (513) 367-4682.

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