Whitesburg KY

Bruntys mark 20th anniversary


My sympathy to the family of Vernon (Jr.) Slone of Jeremiah. He died on Friday, April 13. He had been in St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington. Jr. has been in the hospital for awhile. He was in Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital and then had to be taken to Lexington. Jr. was 74.

Happy anniversary to Ron and Helen Brunty of Letcher. It was their 20th on April 11.

Happy birthday to Jim Arnold of Elk Creek. It was on the 10th. Caleb Collins of Blackey had on the 9th. He is the son of Jerry and Veronica Collins. Danny Bates, also of Blackey, had one on April 11. Caleb’s grandmother Brenda Griffie Caudill had one the 14, and Lynn Halcomb Wright of Carcassonne had one the 14th.

Virginia Dare Back is back in the Pikeville Hospital ICU. She had just recently gotten out. I wish her the best.

Happy birthday to Courtney Hayes of Elk Creek. She turned 8 on April 16. She is the daughter of Jeremy and Nadean Hayes, and the granddaughter of Roger and Dena couch of Linefork, and the late Roger and Reneva Hayes. She has two younger brothers, Hunter and Cameron. The kids’ grandmother Dena has a birthday on the 17th.

Tim Madden of Letcher has one the 17th, Nancy Campbell of Blackey on the 20th, and Terry Bowling of Bull Creek on the 15th

Lorene Halcomb is still not doing well. She is having a lot of pain and Hospice is caring for her. She is now living in Alabama and her daughter Lynn Halcomb Wright went down and saw her for a few days. I wish her the best.

Junior Adams of Whitesburg is in Pikeville Hospital. He has cancer and is not doing too well. He is the father of Rita Gilley of Letcher.

Berma Matthews of Letcher fell on Saturday and had to be taken to the ER. She broke her leg and will have to go see a orthopedic surgeon next week.

Please say a prayer for Caitlin Bailey and Winston Lee’s baby girl Addie. She was flown to Lexington Saturday because she had stopped breathing. Addie was born early. I sure hope she will be home soon. She is a cutie and so tiny.

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