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Bubble lights thrill grandchildren

Happy New Year.

Once again Christmas is just a memory. I really hope everyone had a most beautiful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I especially hope everyone got all the presents you asked Santa for.

I finally got everything on my Christmas tree to my satisfaction, except I never did find my pretty Christmas tree skirt so as usual I improvised. I put a plastic red tablecloth around the bottom of the tree.

I think I tried to make up for the past four years in decorating my house, and it looked more beautiful with the Christmas decorations than it has for so long.

My grandchildren who came were so thrilled with my bubble lights since they had never seen any like them before. Thanks to my daughter Angie Wiederhold for getting them way back in the summer for me as an early Christmas gift. I had these when the kids were little.

A friend of mine stopped by with two jars of homemade blueberry jelly for me. Minnie had given me some this spring and it is delicious as she grows her own blueberries.

My daughter Anna Nottingham, her husband Scott, along with Sarah, Jessica, Katelyn and Kyle, all came Christmas Eve, and then my daughter Angie Wiederhold and little side- kick Bennie came by.

I had a very nice surprise as my grandson Jamie Gray and Katie brought my oneyear old great-grandson Christian, as I’ve never seen him.

Southern Ohio

Christian is the cutest little boy, and that was a highlight of my Christmas.

My daughter Kay Gray and her daughter Jennifer, along with Jennifer’s two children Samantha and T.J., came later. There were four generations all together.

Later in the evening my granddaughter Jodi Gray, along with her friend Carl stopped by, but by this time I had fallen asleep. Everyone needs a granddaughter as silly as my Jodi. I might say her mother Kay is just as bad, and I may as well add, so is Kay’s mother.

The kids all brought me presents, and that was so nice. Scott and Anna renewed my subscription to The Mountain Eagle for me, then as Anna was leaving she told me that I didn’t have anything to open, but she and Scott had called the electric company and paid my electric bill for me.

With all the nice gifts from all, I realize the true meaning of the statement. It is not what is under the Christmas tree, it’s what is in the heart!

Last year I spent Christmas alone in the hospital. It is hard for my children, and as I said before their dad has a Christmas Eve dinner at his house every year.

This year if he had a certain time I hope it was mostly cold food, because I know it was cold by the time everyone got there.

My children gave me a memory that I won’t forget in a lifetime. If only my son Keith, my grandson C.J., and Shannon, along with threeyear old Harlow, could have been here.

My granddaughter Jennifer invited me to Christmas dinner. I declined as it isn’t much fun to go where there’s such wonderful food to smell and eat and not be able to have any.

Scott and Anna asked me to go to his brother Bob and Marcia’s. Scott kept insisting so I finally gave in, and then I became so ill Christmas Eve that I wasn’t able to go anywhere as I spent the day in bed Christmas Day.

My Christmas dinner was chicken noodle soup, and later Jell-O with a little whipped cream for dessert.

Les and Pat Wagner spent Christmas Day with family, and everyone had the greatest time with food galore.

Les and Pat were really missed by the Wagner clan in the mountains. Les received a video. It was really a great place to be with family.

I haven’t talked to Johnny and Ann Calihan, but I bet they had a wonderful time with all their family together.

Thanks to Ricky Caudill for an exceptional beautiful Christmas present, along with a cookbook that supports Relay for Life.

Ricky went out of his way to go to Childers Oil to pick up the cookbook for me.

I wish someone would print a cookbook that would just consist of old-time recipes. I enjoyed looking at this one but there weren’t very many old-fashioned recipes in it.

This book consisted of three books in one, with Daddy’s Dinner bucket being in the center. I don’t know why I care since I can’t eat, but I can read a cookbook and enjoy it as much as a novel.

Ricky’s vehicle decided it needed a rest so he had to be his own mechanic and fixed it himself. Ricky spent Christmas Day with his sister Marcia, Mike, and their daughter Megan, and a delicious meal was enjoyed by all.

Mike had a red shirt on and with his white beard all he needed was a Santa hat and he would have made a great looking Santa.

I have neglected to check on Doyle and Betty Ison, and I hope they are all right.

Larry Roark spent a few days in the hospital, and I am glad he got home in time to be with Pam and the family for Christmas.

Sunrise Ridge Band will be playing at Hemphill Community Center on Dec. 30. I wish I were able to make the trip for this.

Time is creeping up on me, plus I am not feeling my best at the present time. Until next time.

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