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Budget-Friendly Ways To Make Lifestyle Changes

You do not have to join an expensive weight-loss program or buy budget-busting
exercise equipment to make changes that can improve your health. All you need
is a little imagination and lot of planning.
At-Home Exercise
As long as there is some weight and resistance, anything — from cans of soup
to backpack full of books — can be turned into a weight. Use household chores
as exercise by putting a timer on and seeing how much you can accomplish in
the time allotted. Vacuum with music on. Even walking up an down stairs can
be a great cardio workout — no equipment needed!



Use the Internet
Instead of buying diabetes cookbooks, search for specific ingredients, such as
chicken, eggs and so forth on a website with diabetes-friendly recipes. You can
find out a simple recipe that works with ingredients you already have in your
kitchen. Similarly, there are websites that offer customized eating plans and
nutritional information that can help you eat healthier. Many of these sites are
free. You can find websites that offer plans for people with diabetes that have
other dietary issues,, like needing low-sodium meals or having specific food
allergies. All it takes is a little searching.

Get Support
Announcing changes to your diet and exercise habits lets your friends and
family know of your goals. If they know about these changes, they can give you
encouragement. It will also make it easier to politely decline unhealthy meals,
desserts or other bad habits. Plus, you may encourage someone else to make a
healthy lifestyle change.

Water and Walking
Water is one of the healthiest (and cheapest) drinks there is. Ditch the bottle water,
buy yourself a thermos and fill it with cold water from the tap or from a filtered
water container. Then, start walking. You can walk anywhere — in a park, at the
mall, to your mailbox. It is free and almost everyone can do it!

Fruits and Veggies
Fresh fruits and vegetables can be expensive if they are not in season. They
also can go bad if they are not eaten right away. Canned fruit is high in sugar
and canned vegetables have too much sodium. Instead, buy frozen fruits and

Final Thought
There are lots of changes you can make toward a healthy lifestyle without
spending any money. Do not let money issues be an excuse to deter you from
being healthy.

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