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Bundle up the little ones

Happy Halloween! It doesn’t seem possible it is that time of the year again.

Please watch out for the little or big ghosts and goblins that are out on the streets.

If the weather is as cold in the mountains as here, you better bundle the little ones up. What am I talking about? The older ones better put those long johns on!

Whew what a week and weekend I’ve had. I came home from a very enjoyable but tiring weekend from Blackey Days to find out a few surprises.

First, let me say a little bit about Blackey Days before I start with something. Dean and Nina Cornett, thank you for the DVDs and the information about the programs on YouTube.

I will be sitting in front of my computer as quick as I can get the time. I am trying to find someone that can get KET KY, as other people can get it but I can’t.

Nina, I would give anything to be as beautiful as you think I am. You are such an elegant woman, and always such a lady.

I am sorry I missed seeing Yvonne Watts Caudill at Blackey Days, as I would love to see Yvonne again, I haven’t seen her since we were children at Mill Branch School.

Ike Adams, I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you.

My daughter was scheduled to have foot surgery Oct. 18, and I was to help her with Bennie. There have been some confirmations with the doctor’s office for two months trying to get her surgery scheduled.

Someone scheduled her at two different hospitals, and then my daughter got a phone call saying the doctor didn’t want Angie as a patient as she didn’t fit in with their group. She then she received another call saying her surgery was cancelled. She is seeing another surgeon Monday for an appointment.

Tuesday morning I was scheduled for a procedure at Good Samaritan Hospital at 7 a.m., and Vicki Power went to the hospital with me. When I registered at 6:30 a.m. I was told I wasn’t on the schedule, yet there I stood with my instructions in my hand.

After some re-checking I was told once again I wasn’t on the schedule. Needless to say I was ready to get rid of my gastro doctor. It wasn’t the doctor who was to blame, it was the stupid person who works at the hospital. She hadn’t typed me in when the doctor’s office called.

On the way home I got so nauseated, and I knew that I was dehydrated, as I’ve needed IV fluids for several months. So Vicki took me to the ER on the way home. After several tries to find a vein in both hands, and arms, the nurse called a specialist in and he failed to find veins also. As a last result he asked had I ever had an IV put in my neck. I replied once and the vein blew, so it wasn’t successful.

He couldn’t find a vein in the right side of my neck and finally used a butterfly needle, which is a very small needle and found a vein in the left side of my neck.

I received a large bag, and a small bag of fluid, plus Phenergan for vomiting. By this time I was bringing up small amount of blood as I had ruptured blood vessels.

When I got home I slept all afternoon. I tried to wake up enough to fix my son’s supper, but wasn’t able to. Wednesday morning I thought I was all right, but I lay down on the couch and slept half the day.

Thursday I was feeling better, so I was able to work. I lightly said to my son, Keith Ballard, that if it wasn’t for the fact that I had already been to the mountains last weekend, I would go back to attend the Carcassonne Community Square Dance, as it was on a different date and didn’t coincide with the group Old Time Fiddlers that I am president of.

I started to sit down at my computer desk, and Keith had placed money on it for me to go back again to the place I love so much. I called for reservations and Friday morning I was once again on my way to the mountains eastern Kentucky.

I really was a beauty queen traveling. I had curled my long hair and it didn’t dry. As I was putting my son’s laundry away I spied a new red bandana, and I sort of stole it and tied it to cover my curlers, and on my way I remembered that I had forgotten something again. Yes, I went to Family Dollar in Isom with my hair in retro style in a red bandana. I may never be a princess but I would have made beauty queen for a few hours.

Southern Ohio

After checking in, I called my niece Sue Hall to see if she wanted to go to Campbell’s Branch/ Linefork Community Center with me. Sue said she would go to Carcassonne Community Center on Saturday evening, so I set my alarm and took a nap for an hour, then went to Campbell’s Branch, and even danced a couple of dances.

The band did a great job. Alice and Darlene sang a song that I sort of got misty eyes it was so beautiful.

It was nice seeing Bonnie Ingram again, Bonnie writes for The Mountain Eagle, and I love her columns. Although I have to disagree with her comment about the Kavanaugh boloney, I do believe he is a good liar, and the woman was telling the truth. Oh he didn’t lie about one thing. He likes beer, as if that is something to be proud of! The decision was made regardless. I do know one thing, respect for women has been forgotten by those that run the country.

I was asked a couple of times to dance the twostep, but I declined as I can dance all night fast dancing or used to. However I freeze as stiff as a board when dancing a two-step or a slow dance.

Thanks to someone for paying my way in, plus inviting me to go to the DAV in Hazard Saturday night.

I have a one-track mind, and wild horses couldn’t drag me away from Carcassonne Square Dance, as I try to combine Campbell’s Branch and Carcassonne when I go to the mountains. They are my reasons for going home as I have no family except my niece Sue, and sometimes we don’t always connect.

Saturday I drove to Neon to spend some time with Sue, Kaya and Izzy. Sue and I stopped at Dollar General, and then Arby’s drivethrough for a carry-out.

Sue’s mobile home is beautiful. She showed me her guest bedroom trying to entice me to come stay with her when I am in the mountains. Now there’s one drawback, I need a stepstool to get on the bed.

I stayed a couple of hours and started feeling bad so I went back to my room, and once again took an hour nap.

Sue and the girls picked me up and we went to Carcassonne. I don’t know what happened on the way, as I felt a peace within me. When Sue pulled in the parking spot and I stepped out, Marcia Caudill was at the playground spending time with their grandson. Marcia was surprised when she saw me. It was great spending time with her and Mike again.

When I walked into the building it was a comforting feeling, and then as the crowd got bigger and squares begun to form for the dances, I grabbed Mike Watts before someone could beat me and we danced.

Then later I danced with Mike Caudill, and the last dance, which is called Virginia reel. I thank Terry Adams for dancing with me. It was the third time that I’ve ever done the Virginia reel.

I have never taken any drugs except my prescribed medications, but I think I know the feeling that a drug addict gets, because I could have danced all night. Seriously, I think it also helped that the IV fluid I received had kicked in.

It was wonderful to see all the candidates who were campaigning attend the square dance and actually taking part in the dances, not just campaigning.

Barry Engle, you missed your chance to sing ‘Man of Constant Sorrow’ and do your dance. Oh by the way between you and Ricky Rose, I need a stepladder to reach your hands.

Mickey Stines, it was good dancing with you in the Virginia reel. Cheddy Smith, you were next on my list but I got tired and had to rest, and then I saw you were talking and didn’t want to interrupt. Good luck to you.

I am afraid to mention all names because, I don’t want to leave any one out. As I said, there was a great turnout.

Letcher County, you have some good choices to make some changes. I’ve never really paid that much attention to who was in the selection of candidates until last year.

Terry Adams made a great impression on me for some reason. Then of course I met Darrell Hall at Carcassonne, and again at the Kingscreek Bluegrass Festival. I still feel that the people who didn’t elect Darrel Hall made a huge mistake.

I listened to Barry Engle talk of his years as state trooper and I thought of my son-in-law Scott Nottingham, who is a now retired after 21 years at the age of 42 from the Fort Mitchell Police Department, and who went back as a policeman for the small town of Ludlow for a couple of years.

There’s a lot risk and choices police officers take when they put on that uniform.

As I said, everyone in Letcher County has some good choices to choose from. If I were in Letcher County I would be standing on the street corner campaigning for Mike Watts, as I feel he would help the people.

Now I have one more thing to say to you candidates, you got a taste of going to Campbell’s Branch and to Carcassonne Square Dance. Don’t just go for the votes, go back to support the Community Center. Mike Watts, I know how much you enjoyed the dancing. It showed in your face.

Things haven’t been very good in Johnny and Ann Calihan’s house. Ann Calihan’s surgery was more than minor. She did get good results as they got all the cancer cells, thank God.

When Ann’s daughters Teresa Payne and Sue Wagner took Ann for surgery, Sue became very ill. Teresa took Sue to UC Hospital, where Sue was admitted.

Ann wass having surgery and the girls were at another hospital. Ann had to stay overnight and Sue was in the hospital for several days. Ann and Sue are recuperating at home with lots of pain

Sunday afternoon my daughter Angie Wiederhold, along with Bennie and Sue Wagner went to the Minges Pumpkin Festival here locally for a few hours. Bennie really enjoyed going. I am sure it was difficult for Angie and Sue, as Angie has to tape her toes together to be able to walk. Sue has a fractured shoulder and her hand is hurt also. I barely made it back in time for the festival. I offered to take Bennie, and Angie declined my offer.

One more thing I want to touch on, I would love to be able to back to the mountains one more trip, if weather permits, to see Mike Caudill dressed as Santa Claus in his red Santa suit. Sometime or other I used the wrong word by saying a costume. Mike does in no way adorn a costume. That is something you use for Halloween.

Mike has his own beard, and when he puts on that red Santa suit, even though I know there’s not a real Santa, to me, he is a real Santa.

There is only one other time in my entire life that I’ve ever had that feeling towards someone in a Santa suit, a man named Byron Rupp, who was Santa Claus for many years. Each year I looked forward to Christmas as much as the children do.

Well that old clock has once again caught up with me, so until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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