Whitesburg KY

Burdell Gilley celebated a birthday April 1

Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well.

Happy birthday to all the folks who had birthdays on April 1 and to Burdell Gilley whom I’ve known all his life.

My brother Hillard Howard had his on April 2. He is in Pikeville now, visiting all his three children and all of his grandchildren. I know he will be enjoying it.

His brother-in-law Gerald Frazier is having some serious health problems and they are really concerned about him.

I really enjoyed a visit with my relatives Paul Fields and his wife this week. I had never met them. They wanted to see pictures and ask about their families, who are no longer with us. I’m glad I had lots of old pictures and I was glad to pass them on.

I forgot to ask where they live. We were too busy talking about our families. They promised they would come back and I’ll ask more questions.

I felt like I had always known them. They were so friendly!


I finally got around to going to the dentist that I had been putting off and would you believe it? I enjoyed it. I really like Dr. David Narramore and his workers. We always talk a lot. We know lots of people to talk about. I had some fillings and he didn’t hurt a bit. I recommend him.

I hated to hear Christine Fields might be leaving. I always read her news and know most of the people she writes about.

I hope Rose Ballard is doing better. I know it has to be hard, not begin able to get up and go when she can.

Our young folks at church had a program for us at church Thursday. It was really good and they also had some good food and also ice cream and cake for one of our young men, Korie Standifer, who will be leaving for five months for some training. We sure will miss him. He never misses church.

I enjoyed having lunch with my son Billy and his wife Sandra. She was leaving for a few days on a business trip.

I talked with my brother John Howard. I don’t get to see him much.

I tried to call my brother Hillard Howard to wish him happy birthday, but couldn’t reach him. I have a hard time trying to keep up with all of them.

I was so pleased to get a call from my cousin Ruby Jean Howard, wife of the late Kern Howard of Indiana. She’s been a longtime relative of all of us, not an in-law.

I talked to my sister Judy Greene of Tennessee. She is visiting with Jerome Hatton and his wife and their son Cooper and I’m sure she is enjoying her visit.

We had a storm last night and I was afraid we would lose our power with the hard wind. It went out for about one minute. Just enough to have to reset all our clocks, but that was okay.

I’m glad we didn’t get the cold temperatures and lose our pretty flowers and blooming trees. They are so pretty.

I talked with my son Rob this morning. I look forward to his calls. We talk about everything. This morning it was food.

I don’t like talking about the election. It’s gone crazy. I’m not interested in any of the candidates. I may not vote .

My son Billy is at his lake house. It’s so peaceful there.

My sons are all looking forward to getting together for the Bristol races. I hope the weather will be good for them.

I haven’t heard much from my friends. I hope they are all doing well.

It’s about time for Sunday school and church. May God bless all of you and all the sick get better. Try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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