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Bus crash anniversary

February 28 of this year marked the 54th anniversary of the school bus tragedy in Floyd County, when an overloaded school bus plunged into the Big Sandy River.

Although I wasn’t there, every year on Feb. 28 I remember it as if it were just a short time ago. In my mind I can see frightened little faces in the windows, and hear their cries for help, which never came for many of them as they slowly sank in the muddy water.

I can’t even begin to imagine the anguish those families went through in the aftermath of the tragedy. Those little children were God’s little angels. God has a reason for everything, even though we often question why.

I doubt if they ever really came up with a solid conclusion as to the exact cause of the tragedy since the bus driver also perished. But it did happen and it could happen again.

If it does, I pray to God that I am not around to hear about it. Although I was a teenager then, the Lord has blessed me with a good memory, but some things I remember that I sometimes wish I couldn’t. But the Lord has a reason for everything, even if we don’t understand why, and we must wait on Him for an answer.

If something of such magnitude should happen today, would we be any better prepared to cope with it than they were then? One thing is for sure, the hurt would be no less than it was back in 1958.

A family by the name of Goble had three children and lost all three in this accident. Though they had another child eight years later, nothing could replace the three they had lost.

All these little children running around under our feet will shape the future of our great nation. But many will not make it into adults, much less help mold the society of the future.

We have ourselves to blame for a lot of the reasons they don’t make it, and there will always be wars to thin out the populations of many countries such as ours.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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