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Buses to stay inside boundaries

Beginning next school year, bus transportation will only be provided to students attending schools in their designated boundary in the Letcher County Public School District.

“The buses should not transport anyone not in the district boundary lines,” said Anna Craft, superintendent of the school district, at the Letcher County Board of Education meeting held Feb. 15.

In the past, students who attend schools outside of their boundary have gotten on school buses at various drop points.

“We don’t want to allow bus pickups,” said Twyla Messer, assistant superintendent.

Students can still attend any school in the district as long as they have their own transportation to and from school.

“With the economy the way it is, we have a large amount of students riding buses,” said Messer.

Craft said parents are not driving their children to school as much as they have in the past.

Messer said with an increased number of students riding buses to school, as many as four buses were added to some routes because of overcrowding on buses.

The school district’s budget continues to get tighter and Craft thinks eliminating drop points will be one way to save money.

“Each department has been charged with figuring out how to save money,” said Craft.

In other business, Fleming-Neon Elementary School has received a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant for $637,500 to fund an afterschool program called “Project Race.” The afterschool program will be offered four days a week with various classes including archery and physical fitness.

The board also:

• named Sarah Oakes, a kindergarten teacher at Martha Jane Potter Elementary School, as employee of the month.

• submitted an application for TELCO services for the 2010-2011 school year.

• approved three people to serve on an evaluation appeals committee for a term of three years. Three alternates were also named. Juanita Spangler and Lisa Braswell were elected to the committee by popular vote. Harry Collins and Leslie Fields are alternates. Terry Howard was appointed the board and Charles Brent Hall is an alternate. The alternates were chosen by the next highest votes in the election process.

• approved a maintenance contract with Quicksand Farms, LLC for treatment of Letcher County Central High School baseball field. Cost of maintenance is $2,600 from March 1 until Nov. 1.

The board approved entering into a contract with Quicksand Farms, LLC for treatment of the Fleming-Neon Elementary School football field at a cost of $1,200.

A contract was also approved for Quicksand Farms, LLC for maintenance of the LCCHS soccer field at a cost of $2,400.

• approved a 60-month lease agreement with Xerox for a copier at a cost of $196.52 a month to be placed at the maintenance building. The board also approved a 60-month lease agreement with Xerox for $211.14 a month for a copier to be placed at the alternative education center.

• employed Darrell Hall as board attorney for one year at a cost of $100 per hour with no retainer fee.

• approved a contract with Codell Construction Company to serve as construction manager for the Letcher Area Vo-Tech Center. Approval is contingent upon the division of facilities management with the Kentucky Department of Education.

“As soon as the legislature gets through in April, we hope to bid,” said Craft.

• approved the financial report, payment of bills and transfers and payment of salaries of February 2010. Roger Martin, district finance officer, reported the general ledger balance having $5,130,164.91.

• approved directing all current policies and procedures to be waived to the extent that they are set forth March 1 as the applicable council allocation deadline and that the May 1 deadline authorized by the Kentucky Department of Education for the current year is substituted.

The next regular board meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. on March 22.

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