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Buttermilk and butterscotch are not the same

Southern Ohio

Hey there, folks! Do you realize that in four short months we will be having Christmas again? I thought everyone might enjoy a cool thought as the weather seems to have everyone in its clutches. If I hear one person complain about it being cold, will throw a snowball at them, if there’s snow to be found.

Actually I am kidding in the paragraph above. The heat in this area is dangerous right now. really don’t know how my son, Keith Ballard, is working out in the heat. It is over 100 degrees here.

As I was taking Keith to work, we passed two police cars. We remarked that it was very unusual to see two police cars following so close together. When I returned to my house the police cars were up to my neighbors. Later in the evening Keith called to say he saw on the news where a woman was killed just down the road from where he works. It was my neighbor, Nancy Greiewe, who was only 46 years old. I had only talked to her once; she drove a UPS truck.

My sincere sympathy goes out to the family of Ophia Cornett. The Cornett family are from the Linefork area. My brothers along with my sister, Loretta, and I have been there and done that. Our mother, Ora Hall, has been gone twelve years, August 20.

How ironic that my husband Clayton Durham lost his dad, Lee Durham of Livingston, August 23, 1995, just three days after Mom’s death. Clayton and I didn’t know each other then.

Mrs. Cornett had been a cook at Kingdom Come High school, after I left there. Another cook was Dover Cornett’s mother, Cassie Cornett. I find that amusing as Cassie used to give me extra peanut butter, no-bake cookies. She would save me a couple back, I had never seen them, much less eaten them. Oh, I love them to this very day.

I have only met Dover Corner one time, during the Calihan reunion, Dover tried to charge me a quarter to tell me who he was. He and Nadine now make their home in the Richmond area after living many years in another state.

Another misplaced hillbilly, Kenneth “Ken” Frazier, had a high school reunion at Whitesburg. A good crowd attended. Ken stopped by the Mitchell, Gentry, Whitaker Reunion at the Carr Creek Lake area. Ken got to visit with Lee Gentry, whom he hadn’t seen for some time. He said he got to visit with Cuma Jean, Alice Faye and Chuck Mitchell.

Ken makes me think of myself. He holds the memories of growing up in the mountains very dear to his heart.

I have been asked several times, if I love it so much. why I don’t move back there. If it was not for my children and grandchildren living close by. I would move back there. Then at times I really wouldn’t want to either, when I see how the mountains are being destroyed by mountaintop mining. I wonder how men would like to have their scalp removed and leave everything bare. All for something called a greenback dollar!

Do you ever let your thoughts go back when times were so much more simpler? Someone had to show me how to make coffee in these Mr. Coffee thingamajigs. I was at K-Mart and saw a regular coffee pot that you put on the stove and boil your coffee in. Now you can just pour water in the pot and put the coffee in a filter. In a few seconds coffee is ready.

Sometimes as I am taking Keith to work I talk to him about growing up at Roxana, how my cousin, Marcella Young, and I would wash our hair in rainwater and a bar of soap, then get some of Granny’s (Rosa Hall) vinegar and mix it with water to rinse our hair. I never knew what shampoo was as a child, and neither did a lot of people.

We took our baths in the river at Roxana during the summer with our clothes on. I still don’t know if we were clean or dirty! I will tell you one thing, we never knew what the words “I’m bored” were.

Belated happy anniversary to Johnny and Ann Calihan who celebrated 60 years on Aug. 17, or it could have been Aug. 16. (Right, Ann). All the family got together at Golden Corral for a good time.

I knew their anniversary was coming up, however I completely let it slip my mind. I have all the best intentions in the world and somehow things get sidetracked.

I baby-sat my great grandkids, Samantha and T.J., for a few hours. I called Ann to tease her. I asked her if she would come and take my place and let me go to sleep for a little while. Ann is afraid I might be like Rip Van Winkle. Honestly, this dear friend can make me laugh no matter what the situation is. I am very thankful to call the Calihan family friends.

When I kept my three granddaughters, Sarah. Jessica, and Katelyn Nottingham, I let them bake biscuits and I made gravy. I used buttermilk for my biscuits. When the girls came back from vacation they asked if they could stay. Sarah said she didn’t want me to use butterscotch milk, meaning buttermilk. I laughed so hard trying to explain to her the different between butterscotch and buttermilk!

My sister, Loretta Church, is improving. She is very thankful for the cards and visits from everyone. Junior and Lorraine Crockett are letting her use a television. I finally talked her into getting hooked up to cable. At first she was reluctant, now Loretta enjoys the television very much. My brother, Wallace Lee’s, wife, Georgia, is out of the hospital. She still isn’t in very good shape.

I went to a nursing home at Lawrenceburg, Ind., years ago to read to some of the patients. I am going to get back into this habit.. We never know when it could be us in this condition!

Belated happy 70th birthday to Clayton August 24. As usual I am late with birthdays.

Belated happy birthday to Eula Ison of Premium. Eula is 80 years young. Eula and our mom (Ora Hall) were friends for many years. I called Eula and she sounded so good. She isn’t able to walk as well as she would like, but she still can get around fairly well. Her children are wonderful to her.

Hello to the Jones Boys, Levine and Bruce. I sure hope you are staying cool these hot days.

My brother, Richie Hall, and Wanda are doing all right. As usual Richie is enjoying the warm weather. Wonder if you boys could spare a glass of iced tea?

I talked to my brother, Jerry Hall, and Mattie. They sent me the clipping about Grant Caudill and the story of Hot Spot.

There was a documentary on KET about Lee Sexton, among others. I really enjoyed it. I think I have this taped. I am sending it to my friend, Shirley Wells. I missed her and Gwen and WMMT Thursday night. I had so much running to do and it was late when I got online. Maybe I will catch you girls this week.

Hello to our little extra mama Alma Whitaker and the Whiter and Day bunch.

Well I guess I better try to get this sent on its way before my computer gets too tired. It sure is good to sit in my own chair and try to write.

Keep in mind Sept. 29, Letcher County Day. 300 George Street. Harrison, Ohio.

Until next time. Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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